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    Kim and I went to Lake Milton thur and friday for some fun fishing. We caught some nice perch, LM bass, saugeye and crappie. Kim also hooked onto something real big under the I-76 bridge both days. On thursday the Flow at the spillway was 10 cfm and friday it was 119 cfm. I tell ya'll that because on thursday she was able to pull her catch off the bottom and away from the pillings before it bent her hook straight and came off. On friday we had a 10 to 15 mph wind out of the south and a strong current flowing north toward the dam. Her hook set on friday was good and she was able to fight this monster for a good 5 minutes before it came off. This monster was able to move us from the second pilling of her hookset all the way into the opening between the two bridges. (Thats upstream and into the wind) Two different days the same gear. She had on 10 lb line with a 1/2 oz cotton cordel silver spoon. After the second unhook we dropped in the AquaView looking for a log or carpet or some thing. Not a thing to be found. Oh and by the way thur we were more than half way across the bridge and friday was only 4 pilling from the east bank. Both times in 15 to 18 ft of water. Well we don't know what it was. Maybe a cat or muskie, more likely a submarine. Has anyone else caught anything in recent years under the bridges on Milton that was big enough to move a 19 foot bass boat like that. We would be real interested to hear some stories or see some pics.
    Thanks All
    don and kim
  2. had a huge carp take a hot/n/tot in that area about 4yrs back , that was a boat moving fish , guessing in the 20#range , I did get him in the boat ,got my lure back and turned him/her loose.

  3. I have caught some pretty big channel cats on similar spoons while walleye/saugeye fishing. My guess would have to be a big flathead or blue cat.
  4. I caught a 45 # flathead at tappan this summer and he moved mt 20' ranger around.:B
  5. I caught a musky june 24 2006 which we estimated about 49 inches, maybe 50 lbs. It pulled me no problem. I'll try to post the picture. v-dog
  6. 6E5A8891.jpg If i did this right this is the picture, if not then i screwed up somewhere . v-dog
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    Wow!! Great story! Gets me fired up to go. 2 springs ago my buddy hooked into a huge carp at chautaqua off the bell tower that pulled us all over. Even made a boat of amish guys reel up and move out of the way. The carp ended up at 26 lbs. That day the lake was glass flat though. Our boat is an aluminum 17'.
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    Sweet musky V-Dog! Not trying to be a downer, but that fish is not 50 pounds. The state record is a hair over 50. It's definately high 20's, low 30's though. Regardless, sweet, sweeet musky.
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    that might be over 50 lbs don't be so modest...;)
    dmills hopefully you hook it again and at least get a peak at it... Always hated that being broke off or losing a big fish and never getting to see what it was...
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    No trying to be picky, but I seriuosly doubt there are any Blue Cats in Milton.

    My guess: big Channel or maybe a Flathead

    Sounds like it's time to pull out your catfish rods and do some serious fishing.:)
  11. silly question i guess but there must still be enough water to launch from jersey street thanks:)
  12. That ski isn't even 30 lbs.
  13. ... and this post has been dead for 5 months.
  14. Whats your point?
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    point is that your dredging up ancient history. its time to let it go....:eek:
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    Awww. You guys got me excited. dmills was out in a boat this weekend on Milton!!!
    Damn..early November.
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    Someone having fun:p

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  18. There are some huge carp in Chautaqua,,I have taken more than a few 40 pounders out of there...
  19. 50lbs??? divide by 2 and substract 5.
    but yes... it's a very nice fishy!
  20. I didn't know that there were Saugeye in Milton....