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Uninsured motorist ticks me off

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by RONK, May 19, 2005.

  1. Got in an accident Friday. I'm going 35 in a 35 speed limit, when somebody pulls out of a gas station right in front of me. 5 people in the car, 2 ladies with small children under 2 years old, no car seats. Temporary tag. Guy driving no license. Can't get the police to show up because accident occured in Cleveland and police won't come unless someone is injured.
    After getting all the information I call them a day later wanting more info. I want to know drivers full name. The lady who owned the vehicle states she was the driver. Now they are claiming I was speeding, all three adults have neck or back injuries, and to top it off they have no insurance. The kids aren't injured, apparently because they haven't been tought to lie yet.
    I have a 94 Ranger, not much but I bought it new, it's been a great vehicle for me, & I've grown attached. It still drives, but is rather unsightly now. I thought you needed proof of insurance to get temporary tags. Apparantly not, I thought you needed a license to drive, NOT I thought you needed car seats for children. NOT
    I am ticked off at the moment. I will take them to small claims court. I probably am wasting my time, but we will see. I also will go to police station & find out about other action I can take.
  2. just call your insurance company and let them take care of it

  3. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    Man your story ticks me off reading it, those people are scum!
  4. crankus_maximus

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    I understand where RONK is coming from. It shouldn't be your insurance companie's problem. I would take them to court in a heartbeat if they tried to pin the accident as your fault. However, it's going to be very hard to prove either case if you hit them squarely with your front bumper in their rear bumper. Then it looks more like a failure to control on your part.

    Also, you don't have to have prooff of insurance, just sign a waiver stating that you have insurance. That's a common assumption made my most people. Stupid BMV.

    You are going to have your hands full RONK. Good luck.
  5. The insurace company can't do anything. Its an older vehicle, I only have liability & I don't have uninsured motorist coverage. Something I didn't even no existed before today. I changed my policy to add it today, but in the meantime I have no way to recover my loss.
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    RONK, sorry to hear about this......its something that happened to my wife several years ago.........chaulk it up to a lesson learned, and in the future if your in an accident no matter how and demand the police show up and always look for an eye gives the ins. co somewhere to start......if you only have the minimum ins. coverage theres not a whole lot you can do besides going to small claims court, but get yourself ready cause if they are claiming injuries you can bet they will be coming after you..........and its not true that if you rear end someone that your at fault........i rearended a truck about 10 years ago and the accident was in no way my fault so against all the odds and everyone telling me you don,t have a chance i took a chance and got a lawyer, to make a long story short as i said it wasn,t my fault and when it was all said and done i won in court and got a pretty nice sum of money out of it.......30% went to my lawyer and 70% to me..........i thought not to shabby for not having a chance.
  7. Last winter had a woman lose control and come through my front yard taking out the majority of my fence. No Insurance, No License, No w-2 wages, etc... I had a $1,000 deductible on my home policy. The police sited her for not having license and failure to control. I had to pay $$ to get an accident report, then I had to fix my fence (right @ $1,000, so I didn't claim it).

    Only option was to file small claims court (which costs you $50) - what a surprise. No w-2 wages on record, no job, and no valid address = no result.

    I've come to the (pessimestic some say!) conclusion that those of us whom do things right and work hard will always have to make up for LOSERS who do nothing with themselves and therefore have nothing.

    Just my opinion of course.
  8. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Police won't come unless someone is hurt? I would of put the dispatcher on hold, went and delt with the driver, and came back and said "Okay now someone is hurt tell the cops to get their butts over here."

    I feel for you, this stuff is crap.
  9. There is no question as to who was at fault. I was going straight westbound & the other party was trying to make a turn eastbound right in front of me. As far as speeding goes, if I was speeding there would be no way my truck would be driveable. I hit the other vehicle in the side & it is totalled, which is the only consolation I think I will get out of this.
  10. catking

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    The ONLY thing that is ever going to get this changed is a new law. And it should read that if you sign a paper stating you have insurance and you lied it is a FELONY and you will damn go to jail for one year.... This BS really gets under my crawl....What in the sam heck is going on in this freakin world, people wrecking into others and saying OH WELL , Pro athelets getting 4-5 chances for taking illegal drugs....what in the heck is wrong with the second time you are OUT of the league for life.... Man, this BS has got to stop... We are treating grown adults that wreck cars like children.. Throw them in Jail ..There goes my blood pressure .................. :mad: Freakin ignorant people.....
  11. Ronk, all I can say is that really sucks and I'm sorry to hear about anything like that. It has never happened to me but it happened to a close friend and I lived every minute of it. The end result was basically the "you can't get blood from a turnip" rule. Man, I just read your post over again and my head is going to explode. I have to go kick my dog or something.
  12. crankus_maximus

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    Don't kick the dog, man ( I know you were being sarcastic). Kick a lawmaker, he-he.
  13. Thanks to all your replies I feel better already. Heck it could be worse I could have been hurt. Anyway I will pursue legal action & see if this turnip has any blood or money. Got a vacation day tomorrow, heading down to Hilton Head for some deep sea fishing, so how can I complain. As the song goes "life's been good to me so far".
  14. catking

    catking Banned

    Great Joe Walsh song for sure... Good luck fishin the Ocean . .. :)
  15. We had Chrylser LHS about 3 years ago, long story short, my wife was driving to school to get my kids when the guy in front of her stopped in the road to wave at some friends that were up on the porch of a house. He then decided to put it in neutral and back up to their house. He backed right into the front of our car. When he got out, my wife realized this guy was legally deaf, thats why he missed the horn blowing. Anyway, police site this guy for improper backing, we get the report siting him and try to get the insurance co to handle it, but they would not. The guy had no insurance and we did not have coverage for damage caused by uninsured motorists, something we did not know we had to buy extra. Anyways, our only way to get the oney to fix the car was small claims court, where our case was declined due to insufficient evidence. He came to court with his father and told the court that my wife ran into the back of him. His friends on the porch also told the same story. His father told the court that his ticket was being fought because the lod was deaf and he did not understand the police on site.

    We ended up just paying the 300 dollars to fix it out of pocket, but what a waste of time and money just for someone who has no responsibilty.
  16. Fastlane

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    Ronk, I feel for you. I am going through an ordeal right now with a guy who wrecked in my front yard drunk and fled the scene. He has insurance, just not on the van he was driving. He apparently has a business policy since he does contract work whcih has huge limits but since the vehicle was in his name for more than 30 days and not listed on the policy I am likely screwed!
  17. the way i understand the law if u dont have insurance your at fault evan if u didnt cause it
  18. Minor

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    I understand all of your frustrations . . . I don't understand how people can continually get on the road w/o insurance . . . . frustrates the heck out of me . . . nothing like law obiding citizens paying the tab for freeloaders . . . and totally can't stand seeing an accident where everyone grabs their neck when their at fault and wants to sue your insurance company because they hit you and they don't have insurance. . . as far as the police not coming because there are no injuries . . .BLAH . . . demand that they come and file a report . . . your tax dollars pay their salaries . . . that to me is totally unacceptable . . .Unfortuately the system is seriously flawed and attorneys love to capitalize on insurance companies and everyday good people . .. . :mad: :mad: :mad:
  19. mrfishohio

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    Hey, I heard this on the People's Court I think, anyway I posted it too.
    It's a great suggestion, keep a disposable camera in your glove box, that way you can take pictures of something like that. They will help in court. Be sure to have witnesses too.