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  1. i was thinking about getting a under water camera for fishing around this area s w anyone used them or know witch one is good
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    just get a cheap one
    the conditions have to be just right for them to work...
    aqua view

  3. A buddy of mine has one and he rarely uses it. He said it was really frustrating seeing fish and not having them bite. I don't know just what he told me when I inquired about one. We had it out on Kiser one day playing with it through the ice. I didn't find it to be all that helpful.
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    I bought an aqua view a couple years ago mainly for ice fishing. The only time it really worked well, was on a crystal clear gravel pit we were fishing. I tried using it at East Fork once on my boat but the combination of the boat rocking from the waves and the algae in the water made it useless. They are fun to play with for awhile but an expensive toy.
  5. I also have one for ice fishing. They are nice to use if fishing a clear lake such as a gravel pit but most lakes in southwest ohio arent clear enough to see fish.
  6. Its really only good for ice fishing. When you are on open water u have to deal with it spinning and the boat rocking. You spend much more time looking at the camera than fishing too. Most people use it for a few times then it goes into the garage. Look on eBay you can find some good deals on aqua views.
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    Used mine while fishing erie for perch. Water was clear and i saw perch and gobies on the bottom in 47ft water. Also saw the zebra mussell beds. And we took 2 limits of perch that day.
  8. I think it is a good tool. Granted the water clarity is a factor. I dont really use it to find fish. I use it to see bottom compostion. Clear water or not you can usually see a few inches. Get a IR Led lighted model. On Erie and Great Lakes you can find schools of fish. CC you can find schools of fish. Most times though I just use it to see sand, rock,gravel,weeds,silt, brush, the bridge at the CC Undian Mound as discussed in a different post. And as said, it is quite a novelty. I can see how most fisherman would lose interest. It is neat but it could end up in the rarely used expensive toy box.
  9. I have a Aquavu Scout II and use it mainly for icefishing and it is quite useful in all but the muddiest lakes. It's also handy to see what the bottom is like but it's kinda unhandy to use in a boat having to deal with the cord and shading the screen in bright sunlight. The model made for mounting to a boat with a big screen and remote control looks like it would be a lot handier but who has $2K to spend on such a toy?
  10. Don't waste your money I got one and you can't see a thing uless the water is clear and how many times does that happen around here.