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The end is near
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You've both been lifted to the Great Physician for healing.

I remember when Mrs PK took a fall down the steps. They kept asking each us individually numerous times about how it happened. I was getting quite annoyed that they were spending so much time on that when, in my mind they should have been focusing on her injuries. Then realized how many times they must get abuse victims in the ER. I'm sure you got grilled a few times with those injuries. I know they were simply doing their job as I look back on it.

Hope she heals quickly and the pain leaves quickly.
Thanks PK. The never really drilled me or her on how it happened. My wife wasn't much help. She was kind of out of it. They asked her, her name, what month is it, where are you and who is the president. After the president question I said, don't get her going on that.
My wife mumbled, Biden, by cheating.
What we thought was a cold that made her dizzy (causing her fall) turned out to be covid. No action needed because her oxygen level was high enough.
28481 - 28500 of 28534 Posts