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Ultralight Cattin'

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by oufisherman, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. Now that graduation is over and family has left town, I can get back on my favorite site and share (okay, brag a little) about my trip last Friday. I picked up 2 dozen crappie and bass minnows to hit the pond with a buddy. It was the same pond where I caught the 7 pound hybrid mentioned in an earlier post. Live bait always seems to outfish artificial in this pond. I started fishing with minnows on my ultralight outfit, 4# test and 4.5' pole while my buddy used my bigger one.
    We started catching some crappie and then I caught a small hybrid about 17 inches. My buddy pulled another in about that same size later. It was after the hybrid that the fun started. I had a hit on the minnow and set the hook. The fish stayed down and started taking some drag. After a few minutes of holding on with the ultralight bent pretty good, I figured I had something else. Finally after 10 minutes, maybe 12 I was able to get the fish to the bank and away from the dock. It went 14# and 30 inches long, :eek: I don't know how that little crappie hook stayed in. It was pure excitement to catch one that big on the ultralight.
    The moring wasn't over as I pulled in another catfish that went 5.5# and 22 inches long. I also ended the morning by pulling in a 5.5# hybrid on a minnow. All of these big fish were caught on the ultralight set-up, it was a good thing I put fresh line on the night before! ;) I have found a new joy in fishing with the ultralight more often, for bass and bluegill. Thanks for reading and letting me brag just a little.
  2. 14 lb cat on that lite of outfit...better be glad you were at a pond!!!!!!

  3. Sounds like you had a good morning!!!!