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  1. i love to fish ultralight and need to find a good, reliable setup. i have 2 diawa's that are ok and one mitchell that absolutely stinks...every other cast is a big birds nest for no apparent reason?? what's the best ultralight reel out there? spincast or spinning...it makes no difference as long as it can withstand a lot of use!

  2. BPS Microlite Combo runs around $49.99, I own two of these combos. Broke on rod on accident while fishing in a jonboat stepped back and cracked it in two. Now I have the reel on an Uglystik UL. As for the reels I love em. I haven't had any problems at all. If you keep birds nesting try switching line first before going and getting a new setup. I use 6lb Trilene XL and I have not had a birds nest yet with the line. Hope this helps.


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    I have an Abu Cardinal 101 on a berkley cherrywood UL and absolutely love it. I've only had it for a year or so but it has been great and operates just as good as it did right out of the box. Also very inexpensive setup under 50$. Use it for creek smallies, crappie and the occasional farm pond.
  4. thanks jake. i had 4 lb line on it and had it respooled with new 4 lb just to see. the thing is, i bought my employee a mitchell just like it and he can't use it either...birds nest after birds nest. it would be funny to watch, just not when it's you using it, LoL.
  5. I bought a snapshot last year at walmart. I love that rod/reel. It was like 30 bucks maybe.
  6. had a blast up in wv with this combo the last 4 days and i would recommend them to anybody...very smooth, nice action and zero fouled line :) these rods/reels were money well spent.
  7. I bought a Pflueger UL combo from Dick's and I love it. I have had no problems with it.

    BTW doesn't bird's nesting with spinning reels usually come from loading too much line on them?
  8. my guess is that has something to do with it but i've never had any issues except with mitchell's
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    My UL set-ups are Ugly Stiks 5ft or 4' 6" I can't remember. The reels are Shimano Sedonas/Saharas spooled with P-Line fluorocarbon in 6lb. I love these set-ups and have been using then for 3 years. My sister caught a 33" 8lb pike on one, that was a blast. They're great for crappie and even jigging for walleye.
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    For me, it also seems to happen when the line gets stretched out. OR when I buy the line at Wal-mart. I have not bought a good spool of anything from there this whole year.

    My lite set up is a Quantum XT00 Xtralite reel on a 6' Ultra Lite Shakespeare Micro Graphite rod. I have it spooled with 6lb Trilene XL Smooth Casting and have been absolutely thrilled with this line. Landed a 10lb catfish on this set up the other night.... very fun.