Ultimate Fighter-Semi Finals.....

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by H2O Mellon, Jun 11, 2008.

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    Well, JT goes to the finals..... MAYBE?

    What the hell happens at the end of next week? Did someone punch out the limo window or what? That looked freaky.
  2. man i dont know what happend. i seen that and im curious what its all about. i dont think jt is that good man. cb is gonna kick the crap outta him if they would fight.

  3. Too bad Amir has to fight CB again. I was really pulling for Tim. He seems like a class act. That Jesse has some real issues...
  4. JT is a powerful meathead with litte skill - he can't whip anybody worth a salt on the circuit without major improvement.

    I was pulling for Tim - definately a good guy and he was good to JT.

    I won't be routing for JT when he fights next - he rubs me the wrong way and I look forward to watching him get the crap knocked out of him in the future.
  5. What kind of a role model is a guy who laughs on tv peeing in his pants. Me personnally I want to see Amir win. Granted I was more pulling for Matt Brown.
  6. i would liked to see matt brown also. i think he was about the most skilled guy on there her just got caught. but im pullin for amir jesse is a douche' i never liked him from the jump.