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  1. Anyone watching the pay per view?? The Bonner-Jones fight. The big elbow Jones hit Bonner with was to the back of the head!! Isn't that illegal?? Later in the fight, he punched him in the back of the head!! At the end of the 2nd round, he punched him in the throat!!! Is the Ref blind??
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    Jones dominated Bonner. Knees, Elbows, a freaking WWE style suplex, etc.... Jones has one bright future thats for sure, he's only 21 years old. He'll geat beat due to that odd style he has, but he could end up being a big star.

    Take a look @ the GSP/BJ Penn fight. GSP was hitting Penn on the back of the head, but it was not intentional. GSP got 2 or 3 warnings before Herb Dean finally said that he'd stand them up if it happened again.

  3. Overall a few good fights, but i must say i was really disappointed with the bj gsp fight
  4. BJ just didn't fight like BJ. Almost like he didn't want to be there. I think this will be my last pay-per view. After the Lesnar-Couture fight I said I wasn't going to get another, but did and am sorry I wasted the money!!! Couture didn't seem right either. That fight seemed fake to me. I guess I will start watching WEC.
  5. I'm glad Machita (sp?) won, I really enjoy watching his fights. I'm wondering how long Penn is gonna hold his belt now, after getting crushed like that, it has to be in his head now I imagine.

    Don't spend your money PPV, alot of bars will carry it with no cover.

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    I think that was one of the best cards I have seen in a long time and well worth the money! A few buddies and I always get the fight and break up the cost. We have gone to bars to watch it before and it is ok(but they have always charged a cover because it is $1800 for them to pick it up as a site), but you can never hear anything being said. Plus with food and drinks we as a group always spend wayyyyyy more than having it at someones house.

    I expected Penn to put up more defense than he did, but I think the fight was great. I used to like watching Penn fight, but after watching him on Spike for the last couple of weeks talk tons of smack, it all blew up in his face. Literally, his face almost got smashed into the mats. You have to give it to GSP on this on, he came, saw, and kicked so major tail.

    The only fight that pissed me off was that there was a split decision on the Diaz -Guida fight. Guida wiped the mat with the idiot and still only got a split decisions. Something was fishy there.

    All and all a good card and the expected results. The worst looking card out there right now is the one here in Columbus. Who wants to see Rampage-Jardine as a main event?

  7. Folks seem to forget that penn gave up at least 20 pounds to gsp at fight time and bj penns training is nowhere the level of gsp's. George trains like an animal, not alot of guys push as hard as him and if he times it right and peaks when he needs to, he is unbeatable. Add the extra weight and its like a schoolyard bully pushing around the nerds. He just bullied bj. Penn needs to worry about lightweights especially kenny florian.

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    He may have been bullied, but he is the one who asked for it, time and time again! I would have much rather seen GSP and Anderson Silva if they were going to have a mixed match.

    Plus if you remember a little guy named Gracie who beat everyone at 180lbs! There were no weight classes and it was awsome to watch.

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    Can't edit the title. I'm not that bad a spellllllerrrr.
  10. That gracie fella fought in a different era with less rules, less skilled fighters and no time limits. When he threw his hat into the ring with well versed opponents of the modern era, hughes killed him. Royce got great bjj but that's it, he had no chance when it came to todays well trained mma fighter. As for gsp's next fight I wanna see him take on Thiago Alves. Silva is a great fighter but he is better off in the light heavyweight division. I think anderson silva vs rampage or evans or machida is the best light heavyweight fight. I really didn't mean to sound like a penn supporter, I think his work ethic stinks and that there are far better lightweights out there and he needs to worry about his own weightclass before eyeing up the bigger kids. All that said it's real easy for me to type about fighting while I sit here with my tater chips and beer belly:)
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    Did anyone else catch the main event live feed on the net? I was looking for a live fight blog and came across a website that said they would be streaming the main event live! I thought it was a scam or something, but 2 minutes before the fight started a window popped up and there was the fight, SWEET! Penn looked horrible, he was owned the whole fight.
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    Just an FYI, you can go to mmashare.com as soon as fights are over
    and watch them for free.

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    I agree with much of what you are saying, but in his time and place he proved it could be done. It was the beginning of time as far as MMA is concerned and everything has progressed for sure. I would have liked to see Gracie fight Hughs before he was 87 years old, but he did get whipped real good.
    I am not sure who Anderson has left to fight at 185, but don't think he is big enough for 205. I stood next to him at the Arnold and he is a twig, not that I would try to hold that against in after seeing his fights. I would lovvveeee to see him wipe the ring with Bisbings face, and manybe see Mochita move down to 185 because he looks a bit soft at 205. But there are still a lot of good fights out there to be had.
    And many others.
    Right now it seems that most of the superstars we first started watching are running out of steam and on there way out. It also seems that the up and comers are better matched and better trained then before making many fights much closer, but time will tell what all happens.

    I just love watching a good fight that needs no score card to tell the tale!
    PS I probably spelled every name wrong but my own:p
  14. From what I’ve seen and read, that article is not entirely accurate. It seems the writer may have embellished a bit. Regardless, it’s a non issue. Any potential excess was wiped away and GSP went on to pound Penn at will. It will for sure make people be more careful in the future, but it’s a shame that it’s cast a shadow over a very impressive beating.
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    Was it something like mma-core.com ????

    If so, I've heard their live feeds are very clear.
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    Whats all this stuff going on about GSP's corner and the vasoline? It's all over Yahoo, even made the front page!
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    My wife was so happy that GSP won. She says BJ Penn didn't work hard enough.
  18. Parma you can't tease a site with free ufc ppv and not give a link.

    justcrazy I was almost positive that silva pre cut weight is low 200's He could eat a burger or two and be good to go. As for bisping I don't see that as a good fight at all. I like the count but since tuf he hasn't impressed me much and I think the last 2 decisions should have gone against him. Bisping is turning into and old ricky hatton or joe calzage(sp) he don't want to fight outside of europe.

    I cant wait for the ice to melt so I can cast lures instead of theorize about imaginary fights......come on open water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    This is where I found it. The video was very clear. I think it was just the main event that they streamed live.