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  1. Who's everyone picking in the title fights?

    I think Evans is going to finally win a title which he deserves.

    I don't know if Mirr will win or not but id love to see Mirr vs Lesnar 2


    I finally think that Rampage is going to finally beat silva 3rd times a charm right ?
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    Evans is undersized against Griffin, and he won't be able to take Forrest down. Even if Rashad does, Griffin will get back to his feet. Griffin's stand up and kicks are years ahead of Evans. But evans does have a punchers chance.

    Mir stands little to no shot against Big Nog. Mir will gas like always, and Big nog will either pound him out in the third, or submitt Frank via RNC.

    Silva vs Jackson should be a great fight. It's really a toss up. Last time they fought Wandy was in his prime, and Jackson was still up and coming. It's been 3 1/2 years, and Jackson has really grown as a fighter, and Silva is in the down swing of his career. Silva might win by nasty KO, but I see Rampage winning a three round decision.

  3. EGG NOG will go down! or at least I hope. I actually think Mir's jitsu is a little more fit for UFC than Egg Nog's.
    The fight of the night will be Evans/Griffin.
    Not sure if Rashad can last 5 rounds if needed...we all know Forrest can.

    I wish I was not so tight so I could watch live but anyone that is, live updates would be much appreciated :)
  4. MAMPS i got you covered, ill be watching it , and ill give you updates as much as i can.
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    go to sherdog or mmaweekly. they give play by play live results as it happens. When I can't afford the 44.95 that's where I check for results the next day.
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    man was I ever wrong this time around.

    Frank Mir DESTROYED Big Nog. I have never seen Mir look so good. He is really back to his old form.

    Rampage also Ko'ed Wanderlei Silva like it was nothing. One of the most brutal left hooks KO's i've ever seen. Silva was twitching on the ground after the vicious KO. Rampage is also looking pretty good.

    Forrest also got KO'ed pretty bad too. The only place forrest has lost in the UFC is during some GNP (Ground and Pound). Forrest has a suspect chin on the ground, and Rashad exposed that in a vicious TKO in the third.

    So Lesnar vs Mir II is on. Should be a great fight, but if Mir looks 1/3rd as good against Lesnar as he did against NOG, Brock is in trouble. GREAT NIGHT OF FIGHTS!!!!

    Complete Results:

    1 Patrick Barry def Dan Evensen TKO (Low Kicks) Round 1 2:36
    2 Brad Blackburn def Ryo Chonan Decision (Unanimous) Round 3 5:00
    3 Matt Hamill def Reese Andy TKO (Punches) Round 2 2:19
    4 Antoni Hardonk def Mike Wessel TKO (Punches) Round 2 2:09
    5 Yushin Okami def Dean Lister Decision (Unanimous) Round 3 5:00
    6 Cheick Kongo def Mustapha al Turk TKO (Elbows and Punches) R1 4:37
    7 Quinton Jackson def Wanderlei Silva KO (Punch)Round 1 3:21
    8 CB Dollaway def Mike Massenzio TKO (Punches) Round 1 3:01
    9 Frank Mir def Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira TKO (Punches) Round 2 1:54
    10 Rashad Evans def Forrest Griffin Submission (Punches) Round 3 2:46
  7. Awesome...finally got to see the fights on u tube.
    Mir is back!!!
    I respect Lesnar as an athelete however I can not stand the cocky punk. Hope Mir has some fun with the beast.
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    I hope so too! Mir has been my favorite to watch, he went through a rough spell, but man!!!! HE IS BACK!
  9. Mir did look incredible. He looked and sounded like a champion. His talk after the fight couldn't have been more gracious. Nogeira was his hero and he definitely showed his respect.

    I am concerned that he will get destroyed in this next Lesnar fight. He was lucky Lesnar hit him in the back of the head or else he would have been a knock out before either of them broke a sweat. Lasnar is too cocky but the guy is a beast.

    Wandy and Rampage was a tough fight to watch. I like them both and they both have had their share of rough times.

    Rashad has won every fight I thought that he would lose! I was eager seee that one. Forrest may have got knocked out but you got to still love the guy. He is all heart.
  10. for any of you that like to watch the events, but don't like to spend $45 bucks on it... check some of your local bars, many will probably have it. I went to a Frickers, no cover charge, (wings, beer, UFC, what could be better?)
  11. I think what stood out most was Mir's standup. He totally dominated, and that was supposed to be the weaker part of his game. Surprsied Nog didn't try more for the takedown really, even with Mir's BJJ background
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    I don't think Lesnar is going to try to take Mir down this time. He had no respect in their first match up for his BJJ. It's impossible for brock to find another HW BJJ blackbelt to train with that matches Mir's super human submission strength. Just ask Big Timmy, Mir snapped his arm like a twig and he's 6'8" 265 pounds.

    That leaves the stand up. With Mir's stand up looking completely awesome against Nog, I would have to believe Lesnar will get KO'ed if he wants to stand and trade like he did against Randy. Lesnars never taken a punch yet, and two or three of those Mir Uppercuts might send him to Nighty Night town.
  14. The best way to drop a tree is by cutting it low! With Mir's shins, Lesnar will have welts on the inside and outside of his legs. Tough to shoot or plant to throw those gorilla fists if his legs burn and tingle so bad.

    I think you will really see Mir throwing some kick coming out of the shoot. If he wants to continue the kicks though I think the stamina will need to increase a tad.
    I can't wait for the fight. I am actually going to purchase this one!