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Ufc 75

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by bulafisherman, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. how many ufc fans here? I have been watching the ufc since it 1st started and Royce Gracie quote (built the house) though have to say Iam having a hard time juggling family,job and being able to watch everything that spike tv doing to promote the sport, ultamate fighter series,fridaynite fight nites,reruns ect, got a great one coming up sat nite! wont miss it! rampage jackson is the man to beat! cro cop looks to be a good one to! and I think matt hamill is going to hammer bisping, cant wait for the ufc to come to cleveland, I see Rich franklin will be fighting in cincinnati in oct.
  2. lg_mouth

    lg_mouth It's Trigger Time!!!

    There is no way Bisping won that fight, no freakin way. Then he had the audacity to talk smack after the match like he won it going away. What a punk. I hope he gets his match against Liddell or better yet Rampage and I will enjoy watching the carnage!




    rampage and henderson was a good was an alright match but i think rampage needs to learn how to talk first. i agree bisping shoud of never won that fight. but there wasnt 1 fight that i was really that impressed about
  4. I agree hamill got robbed! I was afraid it was going to go that way to.oh well I cant wait for the day bisping loses his 15 -0 record, the least he could have done is had some honorable words to say about the fight hamill brought to him and instead talked smack, cecil peoples the one judge last night. I dont like as a judge or a referee. I thought marcus davis put on a good show and houston alexander will be interesting to watch work his way up though his weight division.
  5. BiteMyLine

    BiteMyLine Just One More Cast

    Houston Alexander is a bad dude, he is going to be a tough guy to win against. Matt Hammil is a tough guy too and he definetely got robbed, but hey the fight was in Bisbing's home country, he is going to get the better of the vote. It's really pathetic how Bisbing commented after the fight negatively towards Hammil. When is Hammil vs. Bisbing II? Good fights all around for UFC 75, hope they have more free shows.
  6. Chuck P.

    Chuck P. Here We Go Steelers

    UFC rocks! I "like" the free shows, I would "love" them if not for all the commercials.