u should join o.c.a.t.t. tournys

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  1. i just got skuned at criple creek o.c.a.t.t. tourny and we need more people to join its a two man team and money prize for more info ask jim at criple creek tackle or ask me. im not shere bills last name but he is the one holding it
  2. Where is it held and whats the entry fee. I fish cripple creek and the t.c.b.a. tournies. Im interested in more information.
    thanks, Tory

  3. rockbass

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    I wanted mor einfo last year about the OCATT tourneys, and could not get any. Only heard what the guy said out loud at the Cripple Creek tourneys. Never saw any fliers though. Kind of hard to retain all the info just by hearing him say stuff out loud. Would be interesting to fish them, but I heard a lot of complaints last year about it
  4. tcba1987

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    yeah rockbass, i got 3 or 4 of their members fishing my cat tourneys , and alot of people are just sick of the crap at all of these big money tourneys. :( id be interested in fishing ocatts too but ive never heard of them till this year and i cant get any info about their tourneys either. :rolleyes: