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Types of fishermen

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by rangerboats, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. Just curious here, how many of you guys on here are multispecies fishermen?
    Or do focus in on one or two species?
  2. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Bass, eyes, and crappie for me personally. I like the different techniques and methods too much to just focus on one.

  3. Darwin

    Darwin If your gonna be a bear..

    I am always up for fishing for whatever is biting. I would say that I target smallmouth bass and crappie mosly though.
    Notice I said target, not catch! :p :D
  4. I mainly fish the creeks around home and dont really target any one type of fish but smallies are what I usually get the most of. In the spring its white bass and crappie and the rest of the year mostly smallies but also catch saugeye, catfish, carp, suckers, sunfish, a few large mouth from the creeks, rock bass and every once in a while I'll get a few white bass and crappie during the summer. I love wading the creeks!
  5. Elamenohpee

    Elamenohpee Banned

    I'm probably most serious about salmonids. Lakers are special because of the nostalgic aspect. Kings are some great fun. Hook up with a Steelie and you'll keep busy for a while. Browns are tasty and pretty. (Sorry if I left anyone out) ;)

    I target eyes during the spring and fall also and for fun, don't forget the smelt (another salmonid)

    But summertime caught gills and slabs are some of the best days to have with your kids.

    I like perchin' but anymore I can't find a boat on Erie, so I've been dry in that area :( ;)
  6. Hey elamenophee, those lakers are AWSOME! I hooked into a bunch of them up in Minnesota while canoe fishing in the BWCA. Some of the best fish I have ever ate. Took them right back to camp and cooked them over the campfire with a little butter and lemon pepper in the skillet, man I can taste it now!:D
  7. I fish primarily for catfish. I mostly catch Channel Catfish with the occasional mess of Bullhead Catfish mixed. I am going to pursue the Flathead Catfish much harder this season. I also like to fish for White Bass in the Spring, and Walleye in the Fall. I do most of my fishing in the rivers, where I generally wade and/or fish from the banks. From time to time I also take the boat out on the small inland lakes just to see what I can get myself into.......TightLines!
  8. I'm mostly a bass fisherman but I do fish lake erie some. I also am intrested in catching lakers. What can you use to catch them? I go up north and go for the samllies but would like to catch some pike and Lakers. :)
  9. I am primarily a bass fisherman. In the spring and fall, I fish for crappie. Throughout the year, I fish for saugeye a few times. I mainly fish Indian Lake, but do visit other lakes, reserviors, and ponds. I also enjoy wading the creeks for smallmouth bass. In the winter, I ice fish mainly for panfish. I mostly fish from a boat, but do enjoy sitting on the bank listening to George Jones and drinking a few cold ones.
  10. Lestterhav,
    I relized you said you fish indian lake some, How is it there? Also have you ever fished St. Marys? I always wanted to go there.
  11. Elamenohpee

    Elamenohpee Banned

    Drift skein on a the river bottom this time of year or troll blades deep during summer.
  12. Hey ranger, where is your "up-north"? Mine is northern Minnesota and early in the summer like May you can catch all the lakers you want with nothing more than a spoon. They are up shallow from ice out till about the first of June, anywhere from 2 or 3 feet of water down to about 15 feet. Any place where there is a rocky shore line or rocky reef. We spent a few hours in a lake on our last trip that was full of lakers. There were 4 of us and we fished about 2 or 3 hours and caught 25 or 30 lakers.
  13. Elamenohpee

    Elamenohpee Banned

    I don't get much better than that :) :)
  14. catking

    catking Banned

    It's smallies in the early spring and late fall......Large Mouth about every evening in the summer after work, crappie also in the late fall & carp and cats in the summer , mainly at night. Never , ever 'EYES .... :cool: .well, I did fish for eyes last fall .......... :eek: .....DA KING !!!
  15. There were not big ones, maybe 18 to 24" but man do those things fight. Everyone says that smallies fight pound for pound harder than anything but those lakers can give them smallies a run for their money and they taste a heck of a lot better. I'm dying to get back up there, or anywhere for some laker action. It was just awsome to catch them from the canoe in the middle of the wilderness. The lake we were in was 190 feet deep!:eek:
  16. Here is some info about the lake we caught the lakers in

    Here is the map of the lake

    If you look at the lake survey, I know it was done in 88 but it gives you an idea of how many lakers are in that lake. They caught an average of 8.2 lakers per net, the normal range of other lakes in that area is .4 to 4.3 per net so the average would be 2.35. So this lake had almost 3 and a half times the amount of lake trout as other lakes in ther area!
  17. Wakkeye, saugeye, smallmouth, crappie, perch, largemouth. steelhead, kings, sheephead, panfish, smelt, and chubs with my grandson in the creek at my house. :)
  18. I've had some good days chub fishing;) I remember when I was a kid and we went to WV and stayed at some relatives cabin, there was a small stream behind it that we caught chubs in, along with trout and smallies. Some of the chubs were like 12 and 14 inches, we talked dad into taking a few back to the cabin to have for lunch even! HA Fried up chubs for lunch. :D
  19. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    Shortdrift- could you tell me where I can get into those wakkeye???? :p ;)

    I fish for saugeye when I get into them. Fish for Smallies on the river and fish for Largemouth when I am in a boat at the lake or fishing ponds. Also fish for crappie in the spring some. Will also try for white bass when I get into them. Spend most of my time fishing for catfish. When I get really bored at the lake, I will sometimes put a piece of crawler out for carp. sometimes to use them for bait. Just hate it when I am cattin and get a "good" one on to find out it is a carp. :eek: :rolleyes: I guess I fish for them all! oh yeah, I also bluegill fish now and then while Bass fishing. Also bluegill fish when I take my little girl! :)
  20. sowbelly101

    sowbelly101 Keep'n It Reel

    mostly fish for crappie in the spring , fall, and winter however during the summer months i will track them down just to follow there locations and migration pattern. usually after the crappie spawn is over i target the gills until they are spawned out. saugeye game is new to me so ill probally try to fish for them a little more this year.