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Tying of crankbaits

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by bigfishtommy, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. Here is a simple question for most of you vets out there. I have heard some fishermen say that they use snap swivels for their crankbaits and others dont.
    Should i always tie line directly to the crank, or is there a time where I would use a snap swivel? Thanks in advance.

  2. NEVER use snap swivels with crankbaits. In fact, I cannot think of a good reason to use sanp swivels with any lure!

  3. Though I would never use a snap swivel, I have used snaps when pre-fishing tournaments. Doing this allows me to change lures quicker if I want a different depth, action, or color.

    The reason you shouldn't use a swivel (IMO), is that it interferes with the true action of the crankbait. Even when you do use just a snap on a crankbait, you shouldn't use a split ring. Just use the snap directly with the line tie eye.

  4. There are several options that you have mentioned and several that you havent. Most vets would probably tie a loop knot direct to the split ring or crank. If a vet were to use a snap it would be a snap alone. There is a difference in a snap and a snap / swivel. There are also the newer oval split rings out which show some promise. I personally always tie a loop knot.(king sling). Norman lures also makes something called a fas snap or something like that. I tie the loop directly to split rings and have very little problems. Occasionally the line will slip into the halves of the split ring. This is only because the split ring has been sprung by the person installing it or the split ring is of poor quality. A good spring steel split is much better than a stainless split. Stainless splits tend to not come back together once they have been seperated.
  5. Snap swivels are good if you're changing out crawler harnesses or something like that but I wouldn't use them to tie to a crank bait not unless you were using a leader.
  6. Reel Lady

    Reel Lady Dreams DO come true!

    Crawler Harnesses without a swivel = twisted line!
    I would never use a snap swivel on a crankbait as it does interfere with the presentation.
    But, for anything that has the tendency to twirl in circles while retrieving, a snap swivel is an absolute must for me :)
    Also, don't go cheap on the swivels. Get the BALL BEARING type.
  7. Thanks for all of the advice everyone!

  8. EDD


    I use snap's on all cranks,most of them also have swivels--(never noticed any diffence in the bite) even when my partner ties his on
  9. I always use a crosslock snap on all my crankbaits. It has no swivel. On any crankbait with lots of wiggle you never want to tie directly to the lure. You will kill the action. The lure must be free to wiggle by using either a snap or a split ring. The thing I don't like about a split ring is the sharp edges of the wire that can cut or fray your line. The oval ring somewhat overcomes this. I prefer the snap so I can change lures often. I usually am changing colors of the same lure. A swivel snap does have its place, for example, inline spinners.
  10. Bass_Hawg

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    I have just started using this year Normans Speed clips. they are great. Take of the split ring and use a norman speed clip. The action stays true and I can change baits as fast anything out on the market and they are very very strong. I love em.
  11. I like those Norman Speed Clips too... and I definately always use them when fishing Ratltraps. It speeds things up with I go from color to color.

    Also I think sometimes it's important to use a snap/clip for some 'walk the dog' topwater baits. Either that or tie the loop knot which would leave slack around the eye on the part you tie too.

    I never use a snap with a swivel for diving crankbaits though since I'm trying to get the lure to dive as deep as possible.

    For me it's norman speed clips or nothing.
  12. basstrackerman

    basstrackerman marshall

    i was using norman speed clips,but get ahold of a flipping smallmouth and it will steal the lure right off the speed clip.happened about 6 times!!! lost several spinners and a couple rapalas!! also if you use hooks with norman speed clips you have to buy ones with larger eyes cause the speed clip is so big. i had to switch to crosslock snaps, never lost anything. and i always take all split rings off all my cranks!!the snaps are super small and tough. i wade mostly with power pro and cant remember when my line was changed still goin strong. quick and easy!!
  13. ncraft150

    ncraft150 Buckeye-Basser

    If the crank has a split ring I tie directly to it. If not I tie a loop.