Two young girls 'hooked'! (pics)

Discussion in 'Angler's Legacy Program' started by CoolWater, Jun 7, 2007.

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    My neighbor had friends/relatives over and asked if some of the people could fish from my docks... of course I said yes, and looked to also fulfill my Angler's Legacy pledge for 2007. Most of the older folks had brought gear and fished before, however, there were a good number of kids that hadn't brought gear or ever fished before.

    With parental permission, I got out some poles/lures/bait and had a blast helping the kids... several of them really got into it and did an awesome job. I was amazed at how quickly they picked it up and was even more surprised at the patience they displayed. Some real nice fish were caught and I'm hoping some lasting fishing memories for them.

    Here's a couple of my new friends; Amanda with a good crappie and Becca with a Sheephead.


  2. VERY nice! Great pix too! Love the big smiles!!!

  3. ShakeDown

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    That's sweet Adam. Those kids are the future of the sport!
  4. Congrats and good job helping those girls to get started into fishing,GREAT smiles :)
  5. Beatuful Picture ! ! ! ! That's what being a fisherman & sportsman is all about ! ! ! ! !
  6. Coolwater - Nice job! By the way, did you teach them to lip their fish? They look like pros!
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    Thanks for the comments everyone... funny you noticed about them lipping the fish. In fact, yep I did teach them how to do that - but honeslty they were super coachable and really wanted to learn. It made it very easy.

    I saw on the site (Angler's Legacy) they have certificate templates you can just fill in the info and print. They look great - guess I'll make them a couple.
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    Coolwater, that is awesome that you helped those kids. Now, they'll have a fond memory of fishing instead of telling friends in school that fishing is boring.