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Two Tank Trauma

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by wackyworm, Aug 5, 2004.

  1. Hey, I have a '90 Ford Econoline E350 van I use for towing my boat. It has dual tanks. It has ran fine up to the point of the day I shut it off a month or so. After sitting for a few days I went out to go somewhere- would start, almost sounds like out of gas. Sits for a couple more days, put 4 gals of gas in back tank, just to know it has some gas in it, (always/only use back tank, as I thought front tank fuel pump was dead, no biggy) anyway, it started. (oh yea, the gauge was reading about 1/2 tank front and back!?) So I moved it so I could mow around it. Few days later would start again. Few days later put about 5 gals in back tank ( after crawing underneath and tapping on tanks, back sounded hollow, front filled. ) Anyway got started, told my wife I was heading to town to fill the back tank to see how much gas was really in it. Well made it about 2 miles and it died. Now at least I had to get it towed and fixed. Tow truck driver thumped the tanks also, said back was bone dry! (remember I put 5 gals in it 10 mins prior.) Towed it to the guy that works on my stuff, so far he has determined the fuel pump relay (on the fender well) was bad, replaced that about a year ago. Anyway he can bypass it and cant start off rear tank (of course it out of gas) but on the front! But the question is how can the gas get from rear to front and without even running.

    Any ideas????? Thanks....
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    Ford had a recall on them years ago. The the switch-over valve would hang up and all the fuel in the rear tank would get pumped into the front tank via the return line in the fuel system. The problem became apparent when people would fill up their trucks and take off from the gas station. The rear tank would emtpy into the front tank, but since the front tank was full, it would spew out the filler caps all over the ground. Can you say fire hazard? Can you say mandated recall?

    I must have done 50 of those while I worked at Watson's up in Lebanon. We would do the pick-ups by loosening the bed and jacking it up, giving us access to the valve. Then we would install a check valve in the fuel lines going into the tank. The vans on the other hand were a drag- had to drop both tanks and install the stuff. It paid the same for both vehicles and it took 3 times longer to do the vans than the P/Us.

    Check with your local dealer about it. I'm sure the recall has expired so it will cost you whatever it takes to fix it, but that is what is happening. They should still have the info available in their database about the problem and can tell you what parts are needed. They may still have a kit for it. You need to contact them as it won't fix itself.


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