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    I sure this has been asked before ,but
    My boat has a 50hp with a 6hp kicker. When fishing a 25hp lake. I trailer my boat useing the 50 .I'm i breaking the law ?? Also if a LIGHTING strom comes in quick Seeking shore with the 50 is that legal ??
  2. From what I have heard in the past each lake treats it differently. As far as trailering with the big motor I understand some of the 10 HP restricted lakes have no problem with it. I would suggest finding out from the authorities in charge of that lake before taking any advice from any of us here.

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    As for trailering, there is usually an "unwritten" rule at most restricted lakes, especially on a windy day. I'd personally rather have a guy be in control of his boat than fighting to keep from bumping into others at the ramp.

    As for lightning, anyone with common sense would agree that in the right situation you do what you have to do. If someone wants to really be a stickler, they can write me a ticket, and I'll be alive and happy to pay it.
  4. I dbout anyone would bother you if you used the 50 to help you get back in situations like a storm. You probly wouldnt want to run it wide open, but a little help wouldnt draw to much attention.
  5. The purpose of the law is to slow boats down etc.

    I did ask ODNR about having a larger hp motor on 5 hp limit waters and they said OK as long as you don't use it.

    Another issue is electric only. For municipal water supply reservoirs, they do not want the possibility of a fuel spill.

  6. For the electric only lakes, is it illegal to have a gas motor on the boat if you do not use it? I never though about the oil/fuel deal.

    I fish the area reservoirs and use my trolling motor only, but I do have my 65 johnson on the boat. Is this wrong? I never gave it a thought.

    Anyone know the rules about this?
  7. took my big boat to attwood . to set up the autopilot. ranger at the dock , told me I could do my thing just don;t power it up all the way . 265hp merc . . he also told me I could fish all day with my 15hp kicker. in a storm or emg do what needs to be done,
  8. I think on nismillia and a few others it's ok. But on a lot of them you can't even have it on.
  9. I guess I had better contact a ranger in the area to find out exactly what the rule is before I get myself a ticket.
  10. I put my Ranger with a GT150 on the back of it in Hoover all the time. I just don't use the big motor unless I am loading the boat. Even then it is only for about 2 minutes. I power load all the time.

    Never had a problem there with the Rangers. They always watch me troll all the way across the lake witch is no problem with my 70lb thrust. I also troll around for about 6 hours or so and then back to the ramp.

    All depends who is there watching you and HOW YOU HANDLE YOURSELF AND HOW YOU TALK TO THE RANGER.


    C-Ya on the water.

  11. i think the only lakes that want you to not even have it on are the ones that are water supply reservoirs.
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    mirrocraft mike Now in a Alumacraft

    Thanks for the replies. I agree with all your thoughts. Mainly S.G. I'll take a ticket anyday and be safe instead of getting hit with a bolt of lighting . I think the law is in place ,But if you act in a manner that don't abuse the situation i feel most Rangers could understand it .May give you a warning and say to get off the lake sooner .Still those storms can sneak in on us. Trailer is a question i will be asking . Treating a Ranger with respect today MAY pay off on boarder line calls tomorrow .This is just My OPINION
  13. If you're trailering your boat, why does it matter what size motor you have on your boat? If you're asking whether in a 25 hp or less lake, can you put your boat in the water with a 26 hp or more motor on it? sure, just don't fire it up. Your second question is whether you can fire that bad boy (50 hp) up on a lake with a restricted motor size less than 50. If you do so, you can be cited for the use of the o/b. However, if you were TRULY caught by suprise, and there was no time to get back, you can avail yourself of the defense of "Necessity" as permitted in Ohio. BTW, don't bother trying to argue that to the DNR officer, just take your ticket quietly and fight it in court.