two deer creek reports! p.s. they're on fire!

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  1. well i have reports from two different outing at deercreek this week, everything is biting, we had the lake to ourselves both days, you all are missing out. the ramps are very very low, to get out of the boat i had to scale the concrete walkway from the front of the boat and it was about five ft higher than the boat, and im sure the ramp is very close to being maxxed out also, as well as being steep, so be careful if you launch.
    1st report from wednesday(actual catches, many more missed both days)=
    14lm/ 4 catfish n the 3-4 lb range/ 2 crappie/ 4 saugeyes, with 1 being 4-5lbs/ and approx 75-80 whities, 3 of them about 14 inches.

    day two monday highlight
    second highlight of day was a HUGE smallie that brent had hit him at boat and didnt get hooked, was about 4.5-5lbs range was HUGE!
    19lm/ 4 catfish/ 5 saugeyes/ 3 crappies/ about 60 or so whities no size on any of them. everything caught both days on shad colored crankbaits in 4-5 fow and a few of the bass on spinnerbaits.
  2. I was there last Thursday in the tailwater fishing. Not much going on there. Caught 2 drum, 1 saugeye about 13 inches, 1 small Flathead, and about 16 Channel cats from about 2-8 pounds. Wanted to catch some more saugeye or white bass, but it was fun. Hopefully the tailwaters will start picking up. The water was really pumping, probably why the lake is low.

    Nice catches!!

  3. Nice Catches! I can't wait until my kids see this... that is the only lake they will swim in... I guess not any more!
  4. the lake might drop another foot, but cant imagine much more, so the spillway should be full right now, didnt ride around to look at it, but they pulled alot of water from wed-monday, at least 3-4 feet! but it is low low low, and ramp is steep and could be slippery with frost! im sure some of those eyes and whities are fired up in the spillway also though!
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  6. Great job nice to see everything is starting to turn on. I have only been to deer creek a few times yrs ago. Might have a good reason to go the distance again.
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  8. I might have to give it a try on my days off..Thanks for the report.
  9. They will continue to pull alot more water out depending on how much rain we get the lake is not even close to being at winter pool yet the east ramp can be used all year round just no docks makes it hard to put a boat in nice job on the fish.
  10. is that the ramp over in that cove at the bottom of a big hill? i think that is the only other ramp on deer creek isnt it?
  11. This would be the ramp over by the campground and Harding cabin area I think. The other one is at the marina and in the winter it is a couple hundred yards from any water at all.
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    Was you trolling for them?
  13. Nice fish sounds like a fun time!! Hit one 23" at Alum Spillway this evening on a vibe!!:)
  14. Any thing new? I'm looking to get out this weekend.
  15. I was reading your posts. Where is deer creek located? Thanks. jb
  16. About 45 minutes south of Columbus and then about 15 minutes east of I-71. It is a state park.
  17. Best way to get to the lake is 71 to the deer creek exit which is route 56 mount sterling exit the lake is pretty much at winter pool now they will cont. to pull more water out this weekend and next week the east ramp is the only ramp you can put a boat in the lake is really low be carefull the ramp can be a good challenge the spillway is flowing really good the fishing should be good.