Twins Day in Twinsburg

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Snakecharmer, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. Just a shoutout to anyone looking to do/see something unique this weekend. The first weekend in August is when thousands of twins, triplets and other multiple birth siblings descend upon Twinsburg Ohio (Between Akron and Cleveland. Last year I worked a booth during the festival and its just amazing seeing twins of all ages and sizes all in one place. I'm not sure what the registration is this year but sometimes there are 3,000 twins...If you're not a twin ( and I'm not) you feel like a minority. There are all kinds of people doing surveys to research diseases and other things. On Saturday, they have a huge parade with scores of twins marching ...Both identical and non-identical twins participate. And its something you should see once in your life! It you're a parent of twins you can get some great info too. They also have talent shows and contests - most idenitcal, least identical, cutest, funiest costumes etc. Most the twins running around will be dressed alike whether they look alike or not...Enjoy! Not sure of website but it might be do a ggogle if interested.

  2. My wife and in-laws took our twins on Saturday. They had a very good time.