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Twin Creek, Preble County

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fishmasterflex, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. fishmasterflex

    fishmasterflex Fish Master

    Has anyone fished twin creek recently. I was wondering how high the water is and what the water clarity is like.
  2. floated & fished about 7 miles down from Germantown Dam this past weekend.

    Fishing was good on Tiny Wee Rebel Craw in the riffles just below or just above. I caught about 10 smallies in the 10-12 inch range and a few rock bass, and dark green tube with chartueuse tail (friend caught many smallies and rock bass on these, I had no luck with the tube or 7 other colors that i tried. Can't figure the #@*# tubes out. Have yet to catch a fish on them. Personally I don't think the fish like tubes. I have only see about 4 fish caught on any tube ever).

    Back to the question, on Saturday - Water was very clear, could see down about 5 ft. water level was perfect, just a hair over normal.

    looking at the USGS stream flow update. water level is at or just below normal levels. Should still be very clear.

  3. I haven't floated the LMR and tried a tube but I have the absolute best luck on a tube by a steady constant slow to medium speed in the GMR. I catch smallies, saugeye, walleye, and even got a 10# channel cat on one. I normally fish below dams. A chartreuse strike king salt impregnated tube is my go to bait.
  4. I tried them with a jig head, tried them texas rigged, and tried them hook like a grub (hook through the top end).
    Fished them just tossing them out and sitting there, tried very slow retrieve (like a worm), and just floating through the current.

    not even a bit, even had the same color that friend had on who said he had caught countless numbers.

  5. Ajax

    Ajax Rapala Snagger

    I have the same issues when fishing with Berkley power grubs on a 1/8oz jig head. I've tried every presentation possible. I rarely get a bite unless I drop the lure right on the fish. When I reel it in I rarely let it touch the bottom. That's where I have the best luck. But usually, I have no luck and switch back over to a crankbait.
  6. When I'm fishing in the rough waters right below a dam, I use a 1/4 or 3/8 oz. Jig. I don't think it matter if you put the jig up into the tube or if you hook it through the body. I just normally hook it through the body in case I want to switch baits quickly because I only use one pole. I use an 1/8 oz in calmer water. If the tube really doesn't work, try a small white twister with a white 1/8 oz jig. I beat em up in the LMR with that.