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  1. Right now there are a bunch of fishing shows on TV on on Saturday and Sunday. Oh yea, they know what there doing by getting us fired up for a new year of fishing. My favorit is (Bill Dance) followed by (Hank Parker). They show all the newest baits and gear. I guess it takes a lot of advertizment money to air a fishing show. I don't care - I love watching them. Me and a couple buds are going to Cabelas this Thursday to stock up on gear.

    Just thought I'd ask whats your favorite TV fishing show and why ?
  2. for me I would have to say in-fisherman. They show alot differnt ways of fishing differnt times of the year . I got to meet Doug 2 years ago at Dale Hollow lake and watch them film some of the show. I like the show because the cut the bull with the advertisement and get straight to fishing. I also like Al Linder and bill dance along with hank Parker

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    Angling Edge with Al Lindner, lots of info for the muti-spieces angler.
  4. Angling edge is great, i also like that bass pro shops show i think its called "bass Pros".
  5. my favorite is shaw grigsby, he tears me up. hank parker is a close second. i also like day on the lake on espn2 and the best was the fishin hole w/ jerry mckinnis, but it quit airing last year. i also like hunt for big fish w/ larry dahlberg
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    My favorite is easily Ultimate Match Fishing on the Outdoor Channel during their Friday Fishing shows. I think its on at 6pm. I dont really know though because I basically have my DVR set to record most of the shows on that channel every Friday then I watch them at my convenience.

    Anything with Bill Dance is also great...especially his bloopers. Reminds me of my grandpa haha.