Tuscarawas River 9/25

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  1. Floated the Tusc. yesterday (9/23) with my dad, and it ended up being the best day of fishing we had all year. We caught 40 smallmouth, 2 pike, and 1 largemouth. We had several doubles, and towards evening lost a couple of monsters on top water blow ups! It was awesome!!:) :B
  2. Sounds like a great trip! This time of year is awesome on the Tusc.

  3. It was a great trip, cant wait to the next one.

    fishing_marshall do you fish the tusc. often? Do you do any good in the winter?
  4. When I'm not away at school I fish the Tusc. every chance I get. I catch quite a few pike in the winter. Chubs, shiners, and husky jerks. I have yet to figure out the saugeye bite in the winter on the Tusc.
  5. Sounds like an awesome day! I love this time of year on the Tusc., too. Buzzbaits produce really well for pike and smallies most days in the fall.

    I fish the Tusc. in the winter when I get the chance. Pike fishing can be awesome then. Most of my bigger pike have come December-February. It seems like they like to hang out near heavy cover like logs and anywhere with slow current adjacent to the main channel. I usually use a smithwick rogue twitched really slowly, or I slow roll a white spinnerbait around structure. They seem to stay pretty shallow too. I don't think I ever fish deeper than like 4 or 5 ft in winter.

    But I haven't figured out the winter saugeye bite at all. I have no idea where those guys go in the cold water.
  6. Those winter eyes go in my belly!
  7. Thanks for all the information guys, I appreciate it!
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    It has been my experience that saugeye are just not very active at all during the winter. They can be caught, but it is really tough. My uncle and I have fished some resevoirs loaded with saugeye during the winter through the ice and in about 4 years we caught 2 or 3 eyes. We catch them regularly during spring, summer and fall, but when it gets real cold they shut off completely.

  9. I've caught them from a tributary of the Tusc. in the winter and I know of a few guys that catch a ton of them in the winter. Lakes like Piedmont and Buckeye are great winter saugeye lakes.
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    i catch most of my saugeye in Dec....Jan....Feb.....fishing the Tusc and A tributary of the Tusc !! Fish SLOWLY and use 3-4 inch Grubs and Sassy Shad style bodies fished right on the bottom on a 1/8 to 1/4 oz leadhead. Ive caught both deep and shallow in the winter........experiment till you find one and theres usually more around !!!

    I CANT seem to figure put the winter pike :confused: