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  1. I am hunting in Tusc. Outside of New Philly off route 39. I haven't seen much activity as far as rutting or anything. The bucks have been scrapeing like crazy and there are rubs all over. Some trees with chucks taken out. So far I have seen 3 doe with a button with them. Then there are three bucks, not too big but at least I have seen something. I am just wondering if anyone else hunting in tusc. county have seen any big ones moving around or any rutting going on.

    I have been ticked about the neighbor who put this huge pile of corn down right beside our propert lines and has two stands in trees that are right on the line. Baiting off my property??? Thats messed up? I dont think that is a very sportsman thing to do? I wouldnt sit in a tree right on the property line and put a bunch of food down to get them to come over to my property from someone elses like that. Just wanted to rant about that....sorry.
  2. Hang your stand on your side of the fence and intercept them. It'll save you some money on corn.

  3. hahahahaha i have been sitting pretty much right in the area. I have not seen them though so I do not know when they are hunting that area. unless they have been waiting for gun season. But shouldnt they wory about shooting one them it running into my side or visa versa?
  4. bump for the question about the deer in TUSC. County.
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    been seeing lots of bucks, fighting, wondering, for 3 weeks... when season first opened... i was seeing 20-30 does a day.... and the rare buck... now i have been seeing mostly bucks looking for does... with the bucks # 3-4 to one on does being seen..... and no does hanging around all seem on the move like they have someplace to be... they are rutting just hang in there.
  6. well when i first started going there in october, they were all over, like i said there where 4 bucks, and some doe and the doe would always be together. then about three weeks ago we started to seetwo bucks with the doe then they seperated. At one time on a sunday I was sarrounded by 5 does. I wasnt looking to nail a doe so i just watched them. (which for me to be that close to 5 deer is very cool). Then I had my chance at a big one and wussed out. I havent seen him since. But now they kinda of just show up in spurts. In the morning when its too dark. This past saturday) only two doe showed up. I thought I had them patterned, its frustrating. But i love it.
  7. It's because you STINK and don't have the "scent smoker"..........HAHA!

    Yeah - you wussed out, BIG TIME! If I had another 10 minutes (till it got light) you would have been taking MY picture with that 10 pointer..........

    I thought I taught you everything I know..........all except the part about PULLING THE TRIGGER!!!!!

  8. gee thanks ASS I not only get it from you on e-mail I get it from you in here too!!!
  9. that and heres my dads interpritation of scent deterant. Wash all clothes with scent eliminator and bag them up, get to the property, put clothes on and smoke a cigarette. spray himself with scent eliminator then go to woods. I shook my head the whole time. I was avoiding the crap out of him trying to keep the smoke off of me. then.........get out of stand at dark and light up and walk through the woods smoking.
  10. I've heard of guys shooting deer with cigs in their mouths though.........so I don't know how much that would hurt him.

    I've shot deer with a dip in my mouth and had been spitting on the ground below my stand............I think they like wintergreen.