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Tusc Trip advise needed

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Inspector, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. Hello to everyone...
    I have the day off 11-11-04.
    I intend to fish along the tusc around dover/phili. for smallies and pike.
    I have neporene chest waders and a belly boat.
    I recently tried at the Dover STP and down to Sugarcreek. Lost three Rapala's and a couple twisters. No bites.
    How do I gain access to the area around New Towne Mall??? Is it one of those driveways off Mill Drive across from the back of the mall????
    Where do you buy minnows/nightcrawlers/redworms around here???
    What would you recommend.
    Do any of you plan on fishing this date???
    Please advise and thanks in advance.
  2. tcba1987

    tcba1987 Tuscarawas River Angler

    come down off of mill ave and park by the hollywood video at new towne mall. lots of good fishing in this area. fish where the pipeline creates the small falls below the bridge. lots of snags tight to the wall of the falls so throw grubs. i do however catch ALOT of fish in the falls so it depends on how much you wanna risk losing crankbaits. you can get bait at brandts drivethru after 10 am off of w high ave by the new phila. walmart. i LIVE (i fish it probably 50 times a year) on this section of the river not sure yet what ill be doing , what time do you plan on fishing it. live creek chubs are working well for smallies right now.

  3. You can usually get minnows and worms at Andy's Market on Tusc. just about a half mile off 77 towards Dover on the right. Brandts Drive thrue on W. High in Philly, also about a half mile off 77 has minnows & worms thru fall. ??
    Walmart has worms. The area you fished has alot of good fish but you can't always catch them. You might be well served to try the same area but fish a few different spots along the way. You can get into some good fish in that area all at once. Throw pumkinseed tubes,small dark jigs (1/8 -1/16)with tiny pork trailer on 6lb test. Rogue suspenders and white spinnerbaits with a white trailer will usually catch some pike. Buy a minnow trap and there's all kinds of great chub holes around Strasburg. The big chubs and worms will rule in the river until mid spring. The old chart. twisters still work for saugeye there when they're hitting.
  4. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    I am wanting to fish tom afternoon but have not decided where I will go yet. If I go by the mall, I will be driving a Red Ford Ranger with a OGF decal on the back window. Say hi if you see me!

    Brian, let me know if you are going to go out. I want to fish, just am not sure where I will go yet!
  5. Thanks guys.
    I have all day. I'll probably get out of the house around 10:00am, maybe earlier if it's still warm in the morning.
    I do have a minnow trap, but I don't know where on the creek to put it without losing it.
    I'll probably try to get some minnows and worms in the morning.
    PM or Email me so I can send my phone number.
    Maybe I'll see ya'll out there tommorow.
    Thanks again.
  6. You can also park behind Beuhlers. Both sides of the falls are pretty good. Some people have good luck under that bridge , but i've never done to good there. Shad raps are really good below the falls , but like TCBA1987 said , you will lose some. good luck! :D
  7. Try under the bridge at the mall it is good there and down the bank along the rocks try 1 inch white grubs with a 1/8 jighead they work the best for me and also try throwing some shallow crankbaits if you got a plug retriever bring it with you if not plan on loosing a few but if you hook into a big bronzeback it will be worth it in the long run.Hope you enjoyed the tips and good luck