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    In search of flatties and saw that there are two dams in the Dover area. Is it recommended to target flatheads below the Dam on SR 800, or further south past the sewage treatment plant:confused:
  2. under the tusc bridge is a deep hole 20 foot at times thats a good spot net man on a 30 lb er . caught lots of 20s in the white water downstream at the sewer plant not below it in it up under the waterfalls wade up in it texas rig to or three live crawlers keep your hook coverd good its snag city use as little lead as posible to keep it between the concrete slabs its hard to get it to settel down in a cracks but thats were there at landing one in 5 foot of turbulence is fun pfd recomended mid august 5 oclock its on

  3. take his word!!! seen him in action!!!!:p mark knows that erea!!
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    I never targetted flats in the Tusc. Didn't know there were any that big there. WOW.
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    First off, Thank you!

    Are there any deep slow stretches of the river that are suitable for kayaks? I see the term whitewater and I think there's no possible way of paddling back upstream of where I launch from.

    On average, how fast is the current in the Tusc.? Is the area below the gate at Dover dam near State Route 800 navigable for small boats? Any other areas? I'm just trying to get a feel for whether or not its possible to launch and paddle both up/downstream in any stretch of the Tusc. or if I'm going to have to set up portage points with two vehicles!

    If you don't want to share publically, please pm as I'm just getting introduced to the Tusc. The Ohio is a 2 hour drive for me and if I can get my flattie fix in the Tusc., it'll save me about an hour each way!
  6. cheezemm2

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    Still trying to figure out if at normal pool it's possible to paddle upstream!?!?
  7. i guess it depends on how agile you are!!! i woulnt attempt it but thats me...plan on having a pickup point!!
  8. i have done it but you will have a drag or portage some where sooner or later. its not that hard some times the wind from the south makes it hard to paddle down stream and will blow you up stream you just have to try it . i like a little motor
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    several members of our canoe club know those stretches real well. they will be able to help you. check us out.