Tusc River Cats 7/7/07

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  1. Fished the Tusc last nite from 6-midnight with TCBA1987 for the TCBA Cat Tournament...Brian started off the night with a 4lb Channel at about 6:20...Both of us were pretty excited cause we were in a new spot and the Tusc Catfishing has been rather slow for most of the year so far...We ended up with two more fish before dark Brian had another Female channel about the same size, and I caught a 11in squeeler...After dark the bite died down for most of the nite...Brian caught a nice male channel a little over 5lbs, on a cut creek chub about 1015...

    When 11o clock rolled around it was like someone turned a light switch and the Flatties started going nuts!!! I caught one flathead around 6lbs...Within 10 minutes I landed another Flattie 8lbs 13oz...By 1130 I had two more fish on...Both were flatheads but neither of them were landed...One took me into a snag right after I set the hook, before I got him turned...Another just wasnt hooked good...Had two more runs before we left at 1145...

    Needless to say I will be trying this spot again very soon...
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    it was definitely a decent night of fishing and im pretty confident that i can catch a new PB flattie there this year !! cant wait to get back up there again !!!

  3. I was out at the bolivar dam last night and caught what i think was 2 channels. I caught a decent one about 14 lbs , and the other was 8 lbs. I caught them on creek chubs at about 10 o;clock. Went there tonight and caught 2 big snappin turtles and some small bullheads. Where do you catch flatheads on the tusc.? I ve tried to find places to catch them but i cant. I have never caught one , what do they look like ?
  4. most flatheads are brown in color, or yellow...Sometimes they are even a dark brown to black color...

    Flatheads mostly eat live bait as well...If you caught a 14lb channel that is a very nice size channel cat!!
  5. Pics of my flatheads from the other nite

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    NICE FISH....................thats a great spot up there that i put you on !!! :(
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    i guess i AM.....maybe i should go into business or something !!! :D