Tusc river around massillon?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Fish2Go, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. Anyone fish the Tusc around massillon area? Ive lived near the river for years and never actually fished it due to people telling me that there isn't anything worth catching in it.

    Well today I went down for the hell of it. I live within walking distance. Anyways I went down under cherry bridge and there was some sort of spawning pools down there past the south side of the bridge. A nice build up of trees blocking most of the current coming in from the north side so this spot almost had no current. I seen some giant swells and tails flapping out around the pools. The reason I say pools cause the swells seemed to stay in the same general area. Im assuming these was beds of some sort. I also seen some really nice size fish that jumped about 4-5 times around the other side of the bank. I don't know what it was but it was big. Any idea? Do pike jump out of water like bass do?

    Well needless to say despite all the water action I managed to pull in a small bass around the tree damn. Not to much luck tho.

    Any ideas on what to use down there? I had a tight line in with some berkly gulp! catfish bait. A few times tried some plain old bread and it seemed to attract attention, pole jumpin ect.. But nothing on the tight line.

    I caught the bass off a black spinner 1/8 with a pork trailer. After that nothing much more.
  2. The spot that you are referring to holds lots of Northern Pike, Bass, Catfish, Carp and the occasional Saugeye. Also, Bowfin aren't too uncommon there. I live a couple of miles from the spot and used to fish it a lot and have friends that still fish there. Try using minnows in the spots you are saying it is calmer water. They are deeper pockets and they hold fish. There are lots of Pike in there so be prepared to lose a few minnows/shiners. My guess is that the fish you saw jumping was a carp. It's one of their hobbies. LOL