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    i went fishing today in the tusk. cought a good # of keepers. when i got them home i noticed 5 of them were cut up. all which looked like turtle bits. i was curious of there behavior. i always thought turtles hibernated in winter. but i have no clue. any info?
  2. What exactly did you catch?

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    Did you have them on a stringer hanging near the edge of the water? Had turtles eat on them as the fish can't escape. (on more than one occassion)And to my understanding they do hibernate, but at what temps do they emerge, hungry as ever from the long winter?!:) Were these fish sauger by chance?
  4. I fish for gills on a private pond, down around the dam they stack up pretty good. I catch a number of them w/ "V" shaped turtle bites on them around this time of year.
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    V-shaped bites could also be pike, especially this time of year.
  6. I was fishing 2/21 on the Tusc in my Canoe when I saw a about a 10" diameter painted turtle slowly swimming along under my canoe. I was way up the the back of a flooded area on the Tusc, but that water was still plenty cold. I had read that turtles will emerge from hibernation early, but I would not have guesses as early as 2/21.