Turtle Pond Trout Derby

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  1. What a amazing day. Im not married and I have no kids but I wanted to check out the derby so I went and picked up my little nephew to go check it out.

    We got there around 12 and it was packed. My cousin was already there fishing with his kids so we went over to where he was at and started casting. Within the first 5 min id say, we landed this monster:


    It went 22 and 3/4" and took first. I wasnt on planning to catch the biggest or anything. Just wanted to take the kid out for some fun. Even though I didnt catch it, it felt like a million bucks to take a kid fishing and have him catch a monster like that. All I did was cast, and tighten the drag when I realized it wasnt a little one like the others. He reeled the thing in himself, no hookset either. I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw it.

    Thanks to Al Meyers, Michael Meyers(worminator), the DNR folks, and everyone else!
  2. Great catch! Congrats to your nephew.

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    Nice going Vince, Congrats to the nephew.
  4. Thanks fella's.

    His older bro is now upset cuz he didnt get to go. He wasnt home when I went to pick him up so I took the lil guy with me. Now I owe them both a trip.
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    Al and Michael are one in the same person. As well as worminator. Glad everyone had a good time. I took a total of about 60 pictures at the derby last Saturday. If you think that was a great day for the kids you should come to the derby in May for the handicapped kids. They get so excited to get out and catch a few nice trout. It feels good to help these kids enjoy the things that most of us take for granted. By the way, are you going to have the fish mounted???? I sure hope so. We had a local taxidermist offer to mount the three largest fish for free. Now that was a deal. I have his card in the car and will post his name if it's not a problem.
  6. Thanks for clearing that up Al.

    Fish got dropped off Monday afternoon and turn around is 4-6 weeks.
  7. I was there for the derby too... It is so packed, I have a hard time enjoying it with the kids. I'm so stressed about crossing lines and my kids hooking someone else.. We were right by the table when that fish came in, he got alot of attention, it was a monster almost as big as him!

    My boys managed to catch 2.. We went back tonight and got 5, so now we can fire up the grill!
  8. First time I felt like a celeb. haha!

    Funny thing, I was told the end time to enter a fish was 12 and we got him right at 12. I fished the opposite side so I started running and then had to come back and pick up my nephew and then ran to the tent.

    So are there still quite a few left in there? I gotta take his older bro now since he missed out.