Turtle Creek spring bite boat size question

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  1. What is the smallest boat/motor size that would be safe to use for the spring bite at Turtle Creek.
  2. With water temps just above freezing the problem becomes, how fast can someone get back into the boat if they fall overboard. I would guess if it is over 3 minutes it is too late.
    So weather waves and boat size are the issues. Small boat no waves OK.

  3. Well I plan on trying it with my 16.5 Lowe Deep V for the first time this year.
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    As long as you know the lake you'll be fine
    My Dad has gone out 7 miles in a 12ft. v bottom with a 4hp. You just have to be sure of what your venturing out too... A 16ft. is what we use now
  5. normd, your 16.5 will work out nicely.
    I use a 16.5 and rarely have any trouble at all. Just get a little wet.
    74 Crystler, you can use a coleman crawdad if winds and waves allow.
    watch the waves and the sky and stroke them VIBE_S
  6. I took my 16' Starcraft (6' wide, shallow deep V) out for several years as did Seaturd with his 16' Lund Rebel. Your 16.5 is much deeper and wider than these boats. The bow on my Starcraft seemed to want to submarine if hitting 3'er's head on. The Lowe has a much deeper bow that rides higher in waves.

    You've got to pick your days and learn to negotiate heavy chop. I practiced a bit this fall in solid 5'ers near the Lorain brakwall to learn a bit more. I would look for predicted 1-2's and possibly 1-3's. We didn't go real far in spring near Turtle creek but never hesitated to go in when it kicked up. It's not fun in a 3'ers all day in a small boat anyway. Bring a compass and preferrably a gps to get back in case it mists or fogs up. Check the bilge. Have a working vhf radio. Wearing a life jacket and having a way to climb back in boat is good safety practice. I got a swim platform with fold down ladder on my new Lowe FM175 for safety and pleasure. See you in the spring!
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    A drift sock will be something to have in case the breeze picks up.
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    You won't have any problems if you pick your days. Learn how you boat handles in rough water, but don't get careless in the spring -- cold water equals quick death. BTW no one should be out 7 miles in a 12 footer with 4 hp - it just takes too long to get to shore. I've seen 30 footers tucked in behind west sister when they didn't think they could make it to shore 8 miles away!
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    I plan on giving a shot in my 17'6" Deep V this year.
  10. I went out of Huron and west this fall then shot over to Cranberry in 2-4's and my 16.5 did well. Yes I got wet a little, but my rainsuit did it's job. Since I normally fish alone I always wear my low profile life vest. I also leave a "Float Plan" with my wife. I have a VHF and GPS along with many other safety items. I have learned in a short time that its all about being comfortable in your surroundings. Stupid people making stupid decisions on Lake Erie end up drowning. I look at it this way, what's more important getting home to your family safely only to fish another day or taking a chance in big waves or inclement weather only to put yourself your boat and your equipment in danger.

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  11. Rob,
    You'll be fine, i have ran the Western Basin last 3 years, again just be aware of the weather predictions. It is a lot of fun out there.:)
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    I've been fishin' the Western Basin off and on since about '74.... not as much the last few years because the bite was so good from Cranberry to Lorain and that is a lot less driving time.
  13. What size and type of boat do you have? I have been out in a 14' Troller,but it was only good when the lake was flat. I fished in a Red Man tourny in a 16' Ranger with a SCA,but I would not recommend it to anyone else. If you think your boat is to small, I would try to hook up with someone now.Plenty of guys go up and are willing to take people out.
  14. If you think your boat may be too small, you are probably right. As Rod-Bender said a 30 footer may not be enough. If it is questionable don't take a chance, a lot of times in the Spring it will calm down in the early evening giving you a chance to fish SAFELY and SUCESSFULLY near shore. My favorite time to fish is early evening in mid-April. I sure can't wait. Good Luck, Dick
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    Wow...haven't seen you in a while J. Good to see you again.:)
  16. Hey Jay how have you been, good to see your still alive. Remember when we fished Lakeside pier many Falls ago? That was a cold fishless night.
  17. I have a 16'5 Chrysler tri-hull with a 9.9 Chrysler motor. If it is a calm day sounds like I could stay pretty close to shore and still do pretty good. If anyone is willing I will pay for the gas and food to hitch a ride when the time comes(not soon enough)


    Well Take Itr From Me An Avid Angler Of The Big Pond Up North For Over 30 Years No Boat Is Big Enough When Mother Nature Decides To Get Mad In An Instant As She Does Alot On Erie So For Me Been Out On 14- 30 Footers Over The Years Now I Have A 25ft Baha Hardtop. But For Your Question I've Been An Avid Advisor Nothing Smaller Than 20 Ft For Me But On The Right Day Anything Goes Seen Guys Out 15 Miles In Canoes With Outbaoards On Them I Think They're Nutz But Its Theyre Lives They're Playing With So Just Remember If The Wind Starts To Build On You Get Off Soon Or You May Not Get Off At All.
  19. I'll be doing Turtle Creek this Spring in a 16' Crestliner with a 25hp Honda four stroke tiller steer.