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Discussion in 'Upland Game and Hunting Dogs' started by fishhunter24, Mar 27, 2005.

  1. went out today and heard some birds around the house went to a new place 5 ins from my house and there was 37 birds 10 toms it looks like it is going to be a great place to hunt noone has never hunter this land before i talked to the farmer and he said i could hunt it this year he watches his land real close so i know noone has beeen there before going there tonight to see where they are rosting
  2. WOW you hit the jack pot man... GOOD LUCK and keep us posted

  3. I am sure that you need someone to help you, :D just kidding. Man that must be nice. I hunt in WV were the turkeys are just plane skiddish from all the hunters. I would love to find raw birds and not ones that think they are smarter than me. :D
  4. AMEN brother...
    I had a couple areas but not anymore... sniff sniff...
  5. Went out scouting today and saw 18 birds. To bad they were not on the property I hunt.
    I did talk to the farmer who said he saw 5 coyotes last week playing together around a haybale. Maybe thats why I didn't see any turkey sign on the 300 acres I hunt!!!!!!


    PS- Huntingbull, we need to get out there and get those coyotes
  6. 18 together means the flocks there have not broke up yet...
  7. What is the largest gobbler group you have seen. Me I have never seen any of these TV groups of ten or more birds. I have hunted a group of seven on a December hunt in WV. I have never seen over three birds together in the spring.
  8. ohh back home in PA I have seen flocks over 100 birds but its tuff to count them in that large a group so we'd kind of count 1/4 way then multiply by 4... In Ohio about 20 years ago I counted a flock of 60 the day before the season openned and my wife (now X) gave me the camcorder with dead batteries or I would have had it on film!!!

    For gobblers I called in a group and the story is here:
    None of my contact info is good anymore from there
    but the story is still a good read :D