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  1. hello, i've never been to portage lakes and just wondering if there is access to the shoreline for decent fishing? I've heard good things about turkeyfoot and was planning on going there. Just don't want to spend over an hour driving and end up having no place to fish. thanks
  2. Shore fishing opportunities on turkeyfoot are somewhat limited. The point near the swimming area is open to shore fishing. A few other spots near old state park and in the new state park (other than the point) are available as well.

    The good thing about the portage lakes area is that there are more shoreline opportunites beyond turkeyfoot. Drive a bit past turkeyfoot (south) to nimisila, where most of the lake is accessible from shoreline, with some good wading spots available as well. Bass, walleye, catfish, crappie and bluegill are there in decent numbers (especially the bass).

    The next best accessible shoreline lake in the portage chain would be north, with much of the shoreline along state mill (wadeable in most places) and most of the shoreline around the island open. You can fish from the wall off portage lakes drive on north as well. Mostly bass, catfish, bluegill and crappie in north, but a few walleye or muskie could be around from previous stockings.