Turkey Foot 6/11/08 (pics)

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  1. Fished all night with new member "Idontdoenougharoundhere" out on his boat. We fished from about 11pm till 11:30am. Boated 33 bass total (16 were mine, 17 his) "Don'tdonothing"'s biggest was 18.5". My biggest 21.25"
    Only four fish were under 12" Most in the 14"-16" range. Pic'sof the biggest fish:[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. if you dont mind what were you using i tried that one nite but it is just so weedy anything you can share would be great

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    Is that how you catch fish in the summer... fishing at night? I usually stop come June and start back up in September.
  4. Top water at night = :B

  5. If you're a bass fisherman, you're missing out on some big fish mishmosh. Also a lot of fun. Casting out in the dark and listening to your retrieve (because you can't see it), it's so quiet, then hearing the fish SLAM that top water lure. It's a real rush.

    My 3 largest Ohio bass have all come after 9pm during the summer months, on top water baits, less than 3 feet from shore.
  6. The bite is definately better at night during the summer. Any lure you would use during the day will work at night just use a dark color. The fish are way more active. My favorite night bait - Black spinner bait.
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    What did I tell you about posting pictures of you holding my fish!! uncool dude! Ha! Nice Bass Junk!:p
  8. They liked Junk's black spinnerbait. After two years I still don't konw what brand it is. He only throws it at night so his fishing partners don't see it. good job busting your slump with that hawg.
  9. 3 feet from shore eh? So shore fishin is good bass fishin at night?
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    yes it is they dont always stay in the deep water