turkey call

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  1. this spring my son and I will try turkey hunting for the 1st time,in preperation last night we were looking at a bassproshops catalog for calls and only found about 15 pages of calls....... :rolleyes: :confused: ranging from 10 to 40 some dollars. I need to narrow it down to one or two calls on the cheap side, input fellows.... thanks in advance.
  2. A simple slate type, and a push button will suit you just fine for the first year. A box call is another good option. Don't worry about specifics. Calling is far from the most important thing in turkey hunting.

  3. Can't get better advice then that except...
    Join a local NWFT club and learn as much as you can...
    Attend a seminar or two and if your ever in my area shoot me a PM and I will not hesitate to show you how to use your calls and care for them and teach you how to on my own collection