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  1. Anybody have a chance to use Turbo Tax yet? Thinking of trying the Efile on their website instead of buying the software or paying H&R block. Just wondering if anybody has used it yet. PROS/Cons
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    I've done my taxes directly off of their website for the last 3 years and I would recommed it. It walks you through everything and does its best to find deductions. Since I have simple taxes (Didn't move, not married, etc) I was able to use the Basic program for around $15. It will help you figure out which program to use by answering a few simple questions. Filing the state taxes is an extra $35 roughly.

    I filed at around 10pm, got an email at 9am the next morning saying that the IRS had already accepted my return and that my money was on the way. Direct deposit only takes around 8 days!

    Oh, another thing that's nice is that your previous year's taxes stay on file on your account so you dont have to dig for your forms from last year.

  3. Ditto.. Just used Turbo Tax.. Easy, Fast, Effective. Definitely recommend.
  4. i use turbotax.com every year its FREE! i efile and get my refund in a little over a week deposited in my checking account. there is a fee if you file your state taxes with turbotax.com you can efile your state taxes for free at ohio.gov. using turbotax.com you will need to have information from your 2007 tax return so dig it out. i efiled my state taxes and my refund was in my account in 4 days. i have no complaints at all with turbotax.com
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    I use it also. The State has a free program you can use also.
    I've used it for a few years and would recommend it 100%
  6. Thanks for the replys, going to give it a shot tomorrow.
  7. Wife does it off the internet like this through turbo tax every year.......been great.
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    i use freeetaxusa.com.
  9. I've used TaxSlayer for years and I itemize. $9.95 efiles both returns.
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    I did my taxes last night w/ TT in about 15 minutes. A few of us in my family chip in and buy the program so it's a little over $10 for me for federal and state.
    I don't efile (I'm not paying for it) so it works out well.
    As someone mentioned you just import 2007 info into the form, import your W-2 info, check to make sure all the info is correct and you're done.
    I'll wait till April 14th to mail the return with the check.
    Might as well get almost three more months interest on their money.:)
  11. turbo tax is the way to go. for a 1040ez it is free. for 1040 and 1040a they charge a fee. i do the kids 1040ez on line at turbo tax for free and then go to ohio government website and do the state for free there. if you have a 1040 or a 1040a go to www.statefarm.com and down in the bottom right corner is a link to turbotax that gets 25% off

    all thumbs
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    I've only been doing my own taxes for a few years now, but I've only used Turbo Tax. I used it online the first year and found out that if you click on the What's This button x number of times, it will stop helping you. I don't know if they've changed this or not. I've bought the deluxe version since then for Federal and State.
  13. I've used Turbo Tax the last 3 years and would highly recommend it!
  14. thanx for the heads up Van!!!! I went thru the hassle of filing with both turbo tax and freetaxusa to compare prices and results and they both came up with the same results (including the new taxbreak for homeowner taxes) . I only had to pay $9.95 for prep and e-file of the state taxes and the federal prep and e-file was free with freetaxusa.... very easy to use and I highly recomend it!!!!!!!!!!! I only actually submitted the freetaxusa and not both..
  15. I used Turbo Tax last year with no problems but I saw on the news the other day that the state has a new deduction for retired people. I wasn't sure if TT was aware of this so I checked with www.consumeraffairs.com and now I think I will try something else. Just check it out.
  16. Turbotax loads updates everytime you launch it.
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    just did turbo tax online. they guide you thru it pretty easy. i got confused a little when it came to the stocks area and it logged me off once right in the middle of doing them:eek: but all in all wasnt too painful. but it sure takes longer than 15 minutes. seems like the turbo tax disc i bought last year was simpler.:confused: i also used the state farm line and took advantage of the discount. thanks
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    I didn't know you could get a discount on Turbo Tax if you were with State Farm. How do you do that?
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    click on...


    once the site opens, go down to the block on the botton, right side of the page that says turbo tax, left click on it and the turbo tax window will open. file your return and the discount was applied at time of payment after i finished the return, but before efiling it to the IRS. when you make payment, use you own credit card or theres a $30 fee for deducting it from your return. theres also a fee for them putting it electroniclly into your bank acct. i had them mail me a check. i want it all back:p i only did federal, ill go to the state site and do them for free, turbo also charges for that.

    there no need to register with state farm, bypass that part and go right to filing.

    efiled at 11:30am and got my acceptance email at 9:33pm
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  20. The "Free E-filing" by Turbotax they advertise on TV is NOT free. It's false advertising(thus a scam), IMHO. You can buy the software for the Basic Program for about what they end up charging to do it online from their site
    ($20-30). It is a bargain(compared to say H&R Block), but again, not free. I tried it tonight and somewhere in the middle of selecting the TOTALLY FREE "Basic" option, I noticed WE were using the "Deluxe" package-on a simple 1040EZ I was trying out for my son's return. "They mention the fee near the end of the preparation when they say "we're almost ready to submit the return to the IRS". That's about the time I had an "unexpected system crash"! I'll try Van's package tomorrow for my return. If you don't mind paying for something that's advertised to be free, I guess that's cool. The IRS.GOV site said they had several companies who prepared returns for free if you met certain constraints. I pulled up their list and each one of maybe ten sites they showed gave me an "error" page when I clicked on them. It's still true, there are no free lunches! I read on another site that to use SF's version of TT, you had to be involved in their banking business? Don't know if true or not.