tunnel mill eastfork lake 9/26/08

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  1. want to start by saying hello to all i am new to the sight and this is my 1st post. my son and i took my john boat out today and put in at the tunnel mill boat ramp at eastfork lake with intentions of crappie fishing with channel cat fishing if that didnt work out. started out by throwing a small crank bait and on the 2nd cast caught a respectible hybrid striper, caught another on the 5th cast. ended up catching 9 hybrid striper biggest being around 2.5lbs within about an hour or so, pretty fun on an ultra light with 6lb test. these suckers are agressive fish. started having trolling motor issues so we decided to anchor and channel cat fish, my son (being a typical 8 year old boy) got bored after about 45 minutes but he did catch about a 2.5 lbs channel on a piece of cut shad under a floater. didnt really take the time to crappie fish so i cant say how thats going in the tunnel mill area but the hybrids and channels are going pretty good. water is low right now but no big deal in a john boat. thanks all for the informative post and great sight. God bless to all.
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    Welcome to the site and nice report,TC1