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It is a S&W m27. Squib load would not blow top strap or cylinder. I don’t understand this picture. It has to have been done on purpose, for what purpose? Barrel was sawed open. Back in early 80s the short or 1/2 jacket bullets were popular. They were good bullets and were dood bit less than standard JSP or JHPs. That was there problem. The Cheap shooters, mostly 38/357 were using the lightest powder charge that would cut paper. At those velocities of 500fps and less the 1/2 jackets would throw their lead core and leave 1/2 jacket in barrel. Next one would bulge barrel. Had several cases of this in few year period. Even had one in a Colt 1911.
If you see top strap warped up or cylinder wall blown out it is due to over charge or double charge. In all my experience I have only seen 22 rifles that had multiple bullets stuck in barrel.
So to have catastrophic failure you need squib load to provide barrel obstruction followed up by normal power load.
i bet it blew up the barrel and The hand of the shooter of that 1911 🤣
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