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  1. Whats up guys. I wonder if there might be a time between too icy, and blown out, on tuesday morning that some fish could be caught. Might head out to the Conny. But its a long way from home. I hope there will be some more days with good conditions before spring.
  2. drove over the grand in two different spots alotta floating ice wont be long get out while u can!!!

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    They're predicting temps @45 tomorrow. If the snowdoesn't melt too quick it might be a good day....
  4. Now they're predicting half an inch of rain on Tuesday. That'll blow out the rivers, although Tuesday morning might they might be fishable.
  5. It's forecasted to stay just above freezing tonight, with temps and rain picking up as the night progresses into morning. The slow warming alone overnight should not turn the streams unfishable before morning, but if there is steady rain falling all night this will accelerate the snow melt and get the streams spiking up. If coming from far away just to fish, you may want to postpone. Check the flow gages first thing in the morning, if they have already begun to spike upward then forget about it.