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Tuesday on the Rocky

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Steelhauler, Dec 22, 2004.

  1. Archman, Ying6, and I hit the Rock yesterday in search of Steelhead. We met at Morley at first light and Archman landed one on a magumbo shiner about 10 minutes later. It was a nice fish in the 6 1/2 lb. It was a very promising, but deceptive start to the day. Little did we know that it would be the only fish landed the whole day.

    The conditions were tough, a lot of slush and plenty of edge ice, and colder than hell in the morning (it did warm up as the day went on). We tried everything in the arsenal, but could not get the fish to bite. We did manage to roll a couple more fish, but that was all we did. We spent a lot of time busting out egde ice so we could access the slower deeper holes and it turned out to be an execise in futility.

    Even though we did not catch a bunch of fish, it was one of the better days I have had on the river. I rarely have the chance to fish with other people and yesterday's company was outstanding.

    Mike and Joel, Let me know when you want to hit the river again. I had a blast.

  2. Thanks Wes, had a great time. It's always nice picking the master's brain about steelhead. It's even better when you outfish him :) j/k.

    I went back today and got to Morley at first light again. I caught one on a frozen, cured shiner. That fish fought like a crappie. I then got bullied out of my spot as I was taking the fish out of the net, tried to maneuver my way in between the bobbers flying everywhere, and called it a day.

  3. ah yes...dodging bobbers at the fords. don't you love it?? so frozen cured shiners? that's a new one, I'll have to give it a try sometime. well, we're lucky to have this kind of fishing in an urban park, but the spot stealing crowds come with the territory. still love the rock though
  4. Steelhauler,
    Your summary was perfect. I would also like to add that breakfast was good and that I cannot believe we didn't get a fish. But, I will be back! Let me know when it opens up and is fishable again.
    Merry Christmas, now go get that turkey! - Better late than never.