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Tuesday night 8-10

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by oufisherman, Aug 11, 2004.

  1. I had the evening to kill before the wife got home from the State Fair so I decided to hit a local pond and see what was hitting. I fished the first pond for only about 20 min. and caught 3 small bass on small firetiger floating Rapala. I left to try and hit a new pond but the owner wasn't home. I went to other one right down the road instead, which is full of some big fish. I started throwing the firetiger Rapala and had a 2-3 pound bass hit it and take me down towards the bottom on my ultralight. Then the fish stopped moving and it felt like I was hung up. Ended up losing lure after I tightened the drag down. :mad:
    I then started throwing the 6 inch lizard and caught a few small bass. Then I threw it in the corner and set the hook on what felt real nice. Ended up landing a 4# 3 ounce largemouth that went about 19 inches and fat as could be. By the end of the night caught 4 or 5 more bass, nothing over 10 inches though. Still a good night to get out and enjoy the fight of a large bass. That makes my 2nd 4 pound bass in the last week! :D
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    Can't complain about that! The only thing better than catching those 4 lbers is catching them in a lake. a lot harder to come by though. believe me I know! :eek: I wished I had some ponds like that close to me so I could do some of that "I only have a little bit to fish better make it good" kind of trips. Thanks for the report!