Tube fly tunnel vision...

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  1. [​IMG]


    Gold Fish

    Yellow Shiner

    Zonker - with red gills
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    Nice..........both the flys and the pics. Never tried to tie a tube yet.

  3. Cool looking ties! Thanks for sharing them.

    Excuse my ignorance, but I am just wondering what are the advantages of tying on tubes versus hooks?

  4. They are supposed to have a lower mortaility rate than hooks with flies tyed directly on them. When fished with a switch rod it would seem the take would be more agressive IMHO.
  5. BlueDun

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    Those flies look really nice. Where did you find the pattern for the sculpin?
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    Nicely done Tom.
    The lower mortality applies only if you use circle hooks.
    As any experinced steel guy would testify to ,they are good at throwing the hook, and the short shanks on the hooks used w/ tubes helps to keep the hook in the jaw as they don't have the leverage of a long shank to help work the hook out as w/ a std streamer.
    Not sure how the choice of rod would affect the mood or manner of the take though,TC1
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    Very nice looking ties!
  8. I just tyed it from a sketch I did!
  9. Tom

    Very nice looking flies !!!! I have seen alot of fly fisherman switching over to the tube

    Great job Tom

    Fish On !!!
  10. Nice flies 007. Off topic but there was a segment on tying a nice Sculpin fly on Outdoors Ohio last week. If you have tivo try and find the episode with "Bluegill Fishing" under the info, they show you how to tie a nice sculpin.