Trying to Help out a friend

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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm going to be taking a long time friend of mine up to Salt Fork on Sunday and Monday night to fish. I have a pontoon boat and we are going to try for musky during the day and Cats at night. I do a lot of catfishing on the river and I am familiar with the baits and such. I'm not looking for any hot spots, but was wondering if what kind of areas you guys target for the cats. I know there are some flooded timber fields and such around the lake, and that is where I'm thinking.

    This is his first trip out in almost 2 years. He had to have a brain tumor removed and is just now starting to be able to get out for more than just a few hours at a time. Sure would like to show him some action up there. I'm sure he'd be happy catching about anything.

    Hope someone can help me out. You can post on here or PM me if that is what you would prefer. I don't have the gas to drive up there very often, and I always put 100% of the fish back.

  2. Cats are just about everywhere in that lake.......I catch them all the time by accident - hate those slimy bastages! HAHA!

    just find a cove and anchor in there - you'll catch a ton.

    I have no idea about the muskies - you might want to give Salt Fork Outdoors a call or stop in there before you go.......

  3. It is great to hear your friend can go fishing again.!!! If you are going after shovelheads I will try to help ya.I always put in at the main marina and catch my bluegills around there somewhere. Then I go up the no wake zone towards the ranger station. Just before you go under the main road bridge there are coves on both sides of the lake that hold cats. The one on your left has what is left of the standing timber in it and the one on the right has an underwater bridge in it. I float some of the gills under bobbers with light sticks on them set about 5ft. deep and I fish some on the bottom. I have got cats up to about 35lbs. in that area ( all released ). For Muskies give Joe a call at Salt Fork Outdoors,he can set set you up with what the Muskies have been hitting on. Heres to hoping you have a great trip.!!!!:B
  4. Thanks for the help guys! I'm not much of a musky fisherman myself, I just figured Id troll around the dam for them. figured they'd be in deeper water right now. The cats are what I'm kind of depending on for some real action.
    If we just stay on the boat instead of the camp sites, are we allowed to have a fire to cook on around the lake. Didn't see anything in the information, but figured it was probably a no no.
  5. Just wanted to checkback in and tell everyone how it went.

    Well, first of all, we didn't make it to Salt Fork. His doctor, and family felt like he should stay some where closer to home. So we headed for the Big O. We left from my lot and went down and locked thru at the Bellville locks. He loved that, if you've never been thru before, it is a cool experience.

    Did alot of fish'n, but the fish just wouldn't cooperate. It was a good thing we stayed closer to home though. After 18 hours or so on the boat he got really sick. Because of the tumor they removed it messes with his equilibrium. I never though about the boat moving back and forth all day and night messing with him, but he was miserable by Monday afternoon. Between the heat and the boat rocking constantly he couldn't stop puking.

    I did hook into a real nice wiper at the dam on chicken liver. I handed him the pole and the fight was on! He had never caught one before, so he was heavily impressed with the line peeling fight that it put up. It was right around 6 or 7 pounds, so it faught like crazy on a 7ft medium light micro lite.

    All in all it was a great time out for him. Just too big a trip to start out with. I think I'll just try to take him out a few times for half day trips more towards the evenings. Hopefully by next year we can head up to the lake though.

    Thanks to everyone who gave me pointers and info. It's nice to see that people want to help out.