trying to find a lost rifle

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  1. ok so heres the story my father sold a gun in about 1986 at the delware flea market because he and my mother were spliting up i he built this gun himself so it would mean alot to my to be able to get it back it was a hawkins? 54cal. muzzleloader that had a very uniqe design burnt into the stock any ideas were to start? thanks
  2. Run an add in the paper.

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    A WHOLE LOT! I wish you the best, but man, that's going to be tuff, espically since it was a Muzzleloader.
  4. This is a good place to start. I will keep my eyes and ears open as I'm sure others on here will. Good luck that would be cool if you got it back thats for sure.
  5. mainsttat2s, Some places to look is at gun show ,pawn and gun shops, or any place guns are and talk to the dealers in that type firearms about the gun you are looking for and why. Also you might try postings on gun,hunting websites. Your chances of finding the gun is probably pretty slim but you will definantly never find it if you don't look. I have been looking for near 45 years for a 22 single shot auto eject (have never seen or read another like it) that my dad sent home from Germany. Lots of us folks on this site I am sure goes to gunshows etc. Let us know exactly what you are looking for and you never know maybe one of us will stumble on it one day.
  6. "....had a very uniqe design burnt into the stock....."

    This may be your best possibility of identifying and finding it. If you search for it, you might want to include some description of the stock. Of course, the stock may have been replaced over the years.

    Look for any gun clubs/huntingclubs/fishingclubs that existed in that area back then. Old timers might remember something helpful.

    Good luck.