Trying new things

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  1. Started making really small spoon baits using a size " 0 " blade and tipping it with micro plastice lure. The plastic is normally used in ice fishing. I have always used spoons but not the REAL small ones.See pics below. Field tested today and absolutely bashed gills with them. When Doctor clears me will test on Milton & Berlin.

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  2. Looks familiar. Sort of like a microspoon. lol They look really nice.

  3. Lets see I been making these lures for 30 years. So if microspoons have been around that long maybe I copied them way back when. All I know is I always used them for ice fishing back then and now. Stuck the plastic tail on them just for kicks and had a ball on the big gills.

    This was in a private pond however and I really do not feel its a sucess unless it performs equally well on public waters. I always tipped them with grubs before when ice fishing. These tiny plastic tails seemed to work as good as live grubs.