Try Mahoning river in early spring

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  1. I know its polluted and can or should never ever eat the fish but I tell you what in early spring you can catch jumbo flatheads, smallmouths, largemouths and walleyes. Keep it in mind in early April when you get the itch. Just pick up your trash.
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    LOL. not sure why it took you 3 years to post that LOL..but, thanks. keep posting

    ive always killed the big cats down at the summit street bridge here in warren at night.. i know a dude who would get at least 5 muskys a year just throwing white spinner baits around the water works. ive got walleye and bass down there too. carp..whoa nelly, MONSTER CARP... your correct, DONT EAT ANYTHING caught below the dam at leavittsburg.

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    I had asked about the mahoning river in a resent thread. I am deffenetly going to try it next spring, TY.
  4. Whats the flathead poulation like in the mahoning? Used to fish for them in southern ohio rivers and would love to try in the mahoning if its worth it. Got a friend who lives across the street from the river in levitsburg, but figured it was a bullhead river.
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    ive personally never caught a flathead from the mahoning, i have caught many other types of cats. the dam in leavittsburg hold several other fish too. below that dam is great for any kind of fish swimming the river. bass, bluegill, crappie, pike, musky, cats, carp, its all in there. where the creek enters over by the dam is a really good spot sometimes. now if you looking for eaters, that whole side above the dam by canoe city if full of everything thats below the dam, just not polluted and saft to eat (according to the ODNR). ive never ate anything from it, but have several friends who live on the river above the dam that do. ive seen guys pull 30+ crappie and several very nice pike going up river in a little jon boat or canoe with minnys under bobbers. OOPS, looks like i let the cat out of the bag. mahoning river, try it, you'll be suprised.:)
  6. Thanks for the info. Never knew it there were so many species in the area. Have you heard of flatheads being caught? Either way I'm gonna give it a try.
  7. EzBite,
    What area are you talking about when you mention Waterworks? I'm familiar with an area with the same name on the Cuyahoga. Also, is it easy to access the river for a kayak launch around the area upstream of the dam at Leavittsburgh? Thanks for your input on this! You can pm me if you'd rather. Thanks-Ed
  8. The Mahoning River is full of nice little surprises. I personally have never fished any farther down the River than the Newton Falls Area. I catch some nice fish every now and then from Berlin all the way down to Newton Falls, but never any Flathead Catfish.
  9. Waterworks was the dam above the Smmit St. bridge,I think they tore it down last year. At least they were supposed to.
  10. I get mosly channel cats but but the Flatheads average between 8 and 25 lbs. The section I fish in is the fourth most polluted waterway in the U.S. Atleast we won world war 2 because of the steel mills.
  11. I usually go down to the river for maybe a couple of hours catch 5 or six differnt species of fish. I catch so many big cats that my arms are so tired and I fill totally satisfied and leave with a giant smile on my face. I catch them every day for like 2 months straight. Gotta love it. I heard of people eating fish were I go but that is totally wrong and should never be done, even young fish. The river is laced with all kinds of heavy medals.
    I throw back most of my fish I catch were ever I go so this isn't a problem.
    Man its fantastic!!!
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    Thats a highly decorated river!:D :D :D
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    exactly right. they did tear down the factory, but the dam still remains. i have heard rumblings about the army corps comming and removing it. they have already taken one out that was upstream by the old copperweld plant. i guess they are saying if you get the water flowing it will eventually clean it self up. there's a lot of years of polution in that river in the warren/y-town area.
  14. What are you guys catching all these poison fish with?
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    If anyone has extensive knowledge of the Mahonig, please pm me as I have some specific questions. I would be interested in trying this river out!
  16. The DNR spent quite a bit of time on the Mahoning just a few years ago according to a number of the locals along the stretch that I fish every year. After their visit, the "advisory" was changed and it actually matched the advisory given to Lake Erie (for walleye). It seems that the river has actually cleaned itself up quite a bit. I don't eat the fish from it, but it may not be nearly as bad as it once was.

    The catfish advisory remained very negative after their testing.

    I actually tried to get information about the results from the state of Ohio, just out of curiosity, but I was unable to get in touch with the people that actually did the testing of the water there.

    I don't know how the advisories read for that water now; haven't checked it recently. It may have changed for better or worse.
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    I grew up in Newton Falls, OH not 3/8 of a mile from the river. My guess is the waters from Lake Milton to Newton Falls SHOULD not b too bad, @ least it should be the same as Lake Milton. All the old Mfg Plants were below Newton Falls n the dam there.

  18. Try the EPA a few years back they came to the Fire station looking for a place to put-in on the Mahoning. After talking to him about the testing he was doing he told me he would Never eat anything from their. He also sent me the report from the mosquito creek, it averaged out OK but again after talking to him about it he suggested not eating any fish at least not from 422 down to the Mahaning river. One fish he caught from the creek had about 2 x the PCB's aloud. Most people don't remember they had a pump house on the Mosquito creek for the steel mill. I looked all around for that report and can't find it.
    A guy from work that retired has a pontoon boat he keeps on the Mahoning year round. he says it's great fishing. He says try around the power plant discharge between Niles and McDonald.
  19. I run up and down I-680 which follows the river. It does change in color ALOT from Newton Falls to Y-Town. With most its water coming out of clearer lakes its got too helped. Thank the mussels! Still the fish in it could come from far enough down stream that they could be poisoned/poluted. Still I wouldnt eat anything out of it. One thing Ive noticed is that ALL the NE Reservoirs(ex. WB) have discharges from sewage treatment plants. I work for a city and No thanks! Like was stated. Just fun to catch. Believe me theres enough of them up-ground. Why take the chance.