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Trukey question

Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by wally72, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. wally72

    wally72 wally72

    OK I,m no turkey hunter and I don't know much about them so heres my question. Where I live it is almost all farm ground with very little woods on it. I have about thirty acres on Grass that is in the goverment program. I am hopeing to get the phesants and quail started again. Well today I saw three hen turkeys standing out in my plowed ground, I thought it was pretty neat. Well I told my brother-in-law and he told me that turkeys will scratch out the nest of other birds. Is that true or will they move on to more wooded areas. Thanks Wally
  2. Carpn


    Thats not true...Its one of those myths you hear repeated you hear now and again.

  3. That is a new one to me. Thought I had heard most stories about turkeys but there always seems to be another one come up. Heck, I once had a guy that got mad at me for not believing him that he saw turkeys nesting in trees. I drove out to see these turkeys. Funniest looking black turkey I have ever seen. And they made the funniest sound for a turkey. It went crow, crow, crow.
  4. they was prolly in there scratchin lookin for worms and bugs to eat on.
  5. Fish4Food

    Fish4Food Built Ford Tough

    Turkey uncover dry leaf litter/pine needles/grasses to look for food such as worms and insects. These materials happen to be the same things that many animals make their nests from. It is likely that a nest or two has been disturbed by a turkey, but they are by no means labled as nest raiders.
  6. wally72

    wally72 wally72

    Thanks I talked to a couple of guys at work too and they had never heard that either. One of the guys said I didn't have enough woods to holed them and that they were just passing through. Thanks for the info