truely bummed out!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by jeffmo, Jun 6, 2007.

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    i'm getting ready to remodel our kitcken which isn't a cheap re-do so,i look around on craigslist and today i found a real good deal on some oak cabinets.these were basically what i had been looking for and new hardware was all i would have have replaced on i call the guy and he said that no one had called about them we set up a time on thursday so i can drive to columbus and look at them.i told him that i was even bringing the money with me because from his description and the pics i had my mind made up.he said they'd be there for me when i got there.
    well,in true form of my typical luck,the guy calls me back several hours later and says that someone showed up with the money in hand so he sold them!
    now i understand just what cash can do to some people but what ever happened to someone sticking to their word???
    i'm not gonna lose any sleep over it but i sure hope HIS pillow seems hard to him tonight!!!:D :D :D
    btw,anyone got any kitchen cabinets for sale?????:D
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    Jeffmo understand your pain but. We all have sold things and how many times have we all heard i will be there on this day with some money and the person never shows up. When its a deal it sucks cause you almost have to go that day and do it or it will be gone.

    As for cabinets, there is a place up buy canton that has alot cant for the life of me remember the name but thought someone on here told me about it we bought our bathroom stuff there and they had all kinds of stuff. Also depending on what your looking for check sutherlands, bargin outlets i think is the other place, and call some builders etc may have some clearence stuff.

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    But I would rack it up as that, just bad luck. On a positive note at least the seller was nice enough to call you and save you a wasted trip and wasted time, alot of people wouldnt have bothered to call you back.
    There is some place around N.E. ohio I belive that is a cabinet closeout place, and for the life of me I cant remember what the name or brand is for sure but I keep thinking kraftmaid, if you google around a bit you may find it. Its not a storefront and its only open on saturdays - its more like an fleamarket type of deal but peeps start lining up real early (i've read like 4:30 -5:00a.m.) and they issue numbers if I remember correctly from what I read about it. So when they open the doors they call numbers and only let so many peeps in and its a huge warehouse of the oddballs and sets that r returned etc., one post i read about it said the front was setup with full kitchen sets and the back was the oddballs. From what I remember reading you can get stuff at prices around 1/4 of what retail is but its a one shot deal, bring something you can take them home in, you buy it as is and no returns so have your measurements and bring a tapemeasure with you. I hope someone reads this post and knows the name and location because I really need a set as well but did'nt bookmark the info i found. good luck to you.
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    kraftmaid is correct and it is in middlefield, OH
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    I manage a cabinetry distributorship in Columbus...happen to have a batch of cabinets in cherry that is setting in my was an order that got cancelled...selling the for twenty bucks per box...should leave enough extra in the budget to buy replacements to fill in what wont fit your layout. I sent you a PM with my cell number...I am dumping these as quickly as possible, so call me ASAP so we can talk.