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True Sportsman Ethics

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by MY EYES, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. MY EYES

    MY EYES Hellz yes I'm a fisherman,.I always tie one on!!!

    Weather your a Hunter or Fisherman,.. Do you posses "True Sportsman Ethics"? Im 45 years old,.. When it comes to fishing, I came out of the womb with a St.Croix fishing pole in my hand and one of them round, heavy wrinkled and lightly faded fishing hats, with a heddon glass eyed, wooden pumpkin seed lure hanging off of the bill! In the mid to late 80's, I started hunting! First it was squirrels with my father, then rabbits and junkyard car windows with a few classmates! At the end of the 80's,..88 to be exact,.I caught the "deer fever"! Not to be confused with buck fever, which would come a short time later! The herd was just coming on here in East Central Ohio,.and i had an old bolt action mossberg 20 gauge,with a poly choke, which was basically my multi use weapon and my only weapon,.and for the record, I still have it! At any rate,. Coming up through the ages,. I always seemed to keep an older, more knowledgeable, friend base! I hung out with my father in law who basically got me started deer hunting,.but by the mid 90's and with the introduction of a Horton Hunter Supreme Crossbow,. My success would soon greatly increase! Enough so, that it would cause the old man to take notice and follow suit! Through my late 20s and 30s,. Looking back,. I guess it would have seemed that I really had it figured out, as I was punching tags on some pretty dam nice bucks! I also take into consideration, that this was a time before the commercialization of deer hunting, as we know it today, with all the science diets and knowledge of management! I think about what i do as routine when i go fishing, and try to remember the who, what,where, when, and why, of how i learned to do what i do to be successful, no matter what species of fish that i'm after! Alot of things that I learned, like knots and you know, was when i was very young and i really cant put my thumb on it,.but it was taught to me! Now when it comes to the hunting, I remember alot more because i was a little older when i started. I remember little tricks and just good information from alot of different hunters who i've hunted with in the past. Ive seen alot of good in people trying to help, in the pursuit of a trophy and I've seen jealous and over zealous hunters! I've dealt with poachers and trespassers on several occasions and seen,.well,..just the evil that can be brought out of someone, by a little competition in the deer woods! I've seen how even someone with legit permission can abuse their priviledge and litter on property that dont belong to them or on public access! The moral of this story and the question is: What kind of person are you really? Do you have the patients to teach a beginner or reeducate a novice! Do you pick your garbage up when your done fishing or hunting? Or do you just not worry about it because you dont have anything of your own to appreciate and take care of, you just walk through life like the earth is your dump! A true sportsman and decent human being will take time out to help out,.weather its a stranger or a long time friend! True ethics kicks in when you do the "Right" thing and take pride in it! Treat your woods or fishing hole like it is a gift from God,..BECAUSE IT IS!!!!
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  2. bobk


    Starts with not insulting those that choose to shoot young deer.

  3. I figured this thread was started because of what he said in the other thread...too little, too
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  4. Doboy

    Doboy HeWhoDiesWithTheMostToysWins

    Ive seen alot of good in people trying to help, in the pursuit of a trophy and I've seen jealous and over zealous hunters! I've dealt with poachers and trespassers on several occasions and seen,.well,.."just the evil that can be brought out of someone, by a little competition"!

    Nothing else ever needs said.
  5. All I got out of this was how I feel sympathy for his poor mother. I mean born with a fishing rod in his hand and wearing a hat with a lure on it, ouch that had to hurt.
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  6. If you "came out of the womb with a ST Croix in your hands" you are spoiled........that's as far as I got in your extra long rant.....

    At the risk of being rude - I'm being honest
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  7. I guess I missed something along the way.;)
  8. buckeyebowman

    buckeyebowman On the back 9 and loving it!

    The guy makes a few points, but as far as picking up my garbage I don't have to. Because it never hits the ground!
  9. Whaler

    Whaler Whaler

    A few years ago I was part owner of some land in Guernsey County. I always picked up any old trash I would find throughout the property including the woods and field . I would keep all the trails mowed and multifloral rose bushes controlled with Roundup . I had the place in good shape for hunting and ease of getting in and around. Some the others weren't quite as fastidious as I was about it. They would go down and target practice. Several times when I was down there looking things over I would see see beer cans, pop cans , and empty shell casings lying in the weeds where they had been shooting. One day I gathered up all this trash along with some other papers and took them to the cabin . I put them all on the dining room table and left a note saying " Please bring your trash up with you and dispose of it. It's not nice to trash Mother Nature ." I got everyone mad at me but after that they didn't leave trash in the field. I hate seeing trash left like that in the hunting fields or on the lake shore or river banks. People who do this are just plain lazy and in some cases just plain stupid
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  10. FOSR

    FOSR name of Alex

    When I was watching that ridge in Knox I would find spent shotgun shells and various beverage containers all the time.

    Lots of trespassers. One time we met a guy who was "just scouting" with his gun. I never knew what kind of armed talent might be out there.

    But that's nothing. The owners turned it into a dump. This was the edge of the oil well pad halfway up. (BTW that pad was a great place for shotgun practice.) They also had another trash burn pile right in the middle of the yard on top. Who puts an old gas grill on a burn pile? It was halfway melted. ridgetrash.JPG

    I haven't been there in more than a decade but I'm sure all that crap is still there, and will be forever.
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  11. it's great that you have respect for nature and want it kept pristine but roundup should not be in this scenario. it's been proven to be a carcinogen and a danger to ground water. imo, it's nothing more than a mini agent orange.
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  12. Really?????
  13. fastwater

    fastwater My ears itch

    That's a sad, sickening pic.
    To take a piece of 'Gods country' and trash it like that, whether one owns the property or not, takes someone really pathetic.
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  14. yep, those that penned these studies are probably the same rabble who figured out that cigarettes may be deadly too.

    i once lived in a subdivision of beautiful homes with gorgeous lawns. we fertilized and used pesticides and insecticide and any other homicides. we were less than a mile from our local reservoir which was also our source for drinking water. our chemicals were leeching into the ground and probably making their way to this water source. after attending a few seminars and reading widely on this, i never used any chemicals again. our lawn today is grass, clover, some broad leaves, some dandelions and other green stuff. i don't care. i keep it cut and neat but refuse to use anything on it or my garden. after both of my folks died of cancer, i really became convinced that we are our worst enemy.
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  15. FOSR

    FOSR name of Alex

    There is the saying, You don't own land, you just hold it. The land, and your damage, will out-live you.

    Well, you guys understand that with the fisheries. Yes you can go grab everything you can get from a stream but you're damaging the future stocks. Some people care about that and some don't give a flick. They live in the moment and don't care about the future.

    The Native Americans speak of considering seven generations ahead - what are you choosing to do now, that will affect them?
  17. elkcow


    Trash in .....trash out. What’s could be more disgusting than walking a local river for an hour to get to the best catch holes and seeing a mallard , legs strangled with fishing line or empty blue plastic night crawler containers along the way . Really?? It’s not an inconvenience to carry a bag to haul out stray line and the sh..t that others leave . Just tie it to your pack. At least the trip back will leave it a little better for environment , wildlife and you. And hopefully you tell and MAKE a kid do this .....and just one kid may get it ...that it does matter.
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  18. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    totally agree. ...I will kill littrbugs