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  1. I have decided to aim for more than my normal out doors goal this year. Normally I have one goal when it comes to Ohio outdoor goals. That is to catch a 24" small mouth out of Ohio river/streams. I have a few 23"ers but none bigger here in Ohio. But this year I am for not only getting a 24" small mouth out of Ohio streams (no big Erie bass) but also the four in one day bird goal. And that goal is to get a grouse, wood cock, quail and a pheasant in one day all in Ohio.

    So do any of you have a goal that is out there but reachable or am I the only one that sets goals that are hard to get but not impossible.

    Set your goals high or why live.
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    i know you said "no big erie bass" well, im looking for the big erie walleye, 12 pounder. we came very close last year, lost the biggest walleye ive ever saw. thats how i remember it:p ,right sparky:) that fish still haunts me:eek:

  3. I did not mean that you could not have an Erie fish goal. I just did not want to confuse Erie bass for stream smallies. But you do have a great goal there.
  4. I have 3 more goals to accomplish this year, spend more time with my wife and kids, spend more time in and enjoy the outdoors more, and find a new job / straighten around my families finances. I think I can do it. I have already quit smoking and completed my second degree since the first of the year, and we are only 2.5 months in. # 1 and 2 are gonna be easy and fun, #3 is gonna be the tough one if the economy in dayton dosen't improve and gas stays expensive. Ah well.
  5. Well since you said 08 goals and not outdoor goals. Ill list them all.

    Race this year and place consistant top 5s (mx)

    Find a good paying job, with benifits. I keep looking but cant find a thing. Ohio is sucking bad, Im not sure if its all over or just canton

    And last an outdoor goal. Last year I had 3 fish I wanted to catch, a smallie, a pike, and a flattie. Well I caught alot of smallie last year but still havent gotten a pike or flattie. So I would like to scratch one of those off my list, mainly the pike.
  6. 2008 Goals - That's easy. Fish more than last year and take the kids fishing every chance I can. In all the years I have fished, I have still yet to catch the elusive 5 lb largemouth. That is a goal every year.

    The only other goal would be to remain faithful in my walk with God. I gave my life to him one year ago yesterday and have been truly blessed this last year.

    Remember, we all need to find time to take a child fishing...
  7. just a few...catch a cat over 40 pounds and to catch an 8 pound bass, last year hooked one that was at least 7 (have a friend to verify lol) and seen 2 that were at least 8 if not over...oh and to catch a hybrid or striper

    and oh nice goals everyone
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    1- 20"+ smallie out of the hoga' above the gorge dam and up river!!!!!
    2- 40"+ pike out of the hoga'. I know they are in there:D
    3- 6lb+ bass out of portage lakes.
    4- 1st musky of my career out of anywhere
    5- 33"+ steelie- preferably a dark mountable male
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    Makin sure that everyone that fishes with me this year, catches bigger fish than I do.....Thats a pretty fair goal........