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Truck Tire Questions

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by lg_mouth, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. lg_mouth

    lg_mouth It's Trigger Time!!!

    Well, the time has come to drop a ton of money on 4 new truck tires and I have a few questions. I currently have an '01 Silverado with 265/75 R16s on it. The lady at Wal Mart told me the suggested tire was 245/65 R16s. My first question is

    What is the difference between the 2?

    Next question is, how big of a tire can I put on my truck without a lift? I will be keeping the factory rims but would like a beefier look on the truck than I currently have.

    Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks OGF.

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  2. fffffish

    fffffish Muskie 1 Trolling Thunder

    I think the 65 is a shorter tire than the 75. (265/65 R16s).The 265 is how wide the tire is the 65 is the height from the rim to the tread. The R stands for radius 16 is the size of the rim.

  3. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    just select the "option" and it will tell you what they recomend
  4. The factory tires are the 245/65/16's, thats what anyone will tell you.

    You can fit the 265/75/16's without any problems, speedometer might be a little off, but shouldn't cause any problems.

    Biggest you could fit...285/75/16's. To fit them, you MAY have to turn the torsion bar a few turns to raise the front end up, and trim part of the plastic on the inside of the wheel well to keep from rubbing. If you turn the torsion bar, you may also have to get an alignment done. Some tires will fit without this, just depends on tire, and truck itself.

    The 245's are pretty small tires, but that's what come from factory. I run 265's right now, and they are o.k. but I'm getting a set next month, and think I am going to go up to the 285's.

    Remember that your speedometer will be off the larger the tire that you put on, and the excuse "my speedometer only said I was going 65" doesn't work with the smokeys....their gun doesn't lie...well atleast in their eyes.

  5. THarris


    I have BF Goodrich All Terrain 285's on my 2000 Silverado. They fill up the wheel wells nicely and fit with no mods to the truck. Great ride as well -- and no noise (especially for the fairly aggressive tread they have).

    PS. Hoss is correct regarding the speedometer -- mine runs about 2 to 3 MPH faster than the speedometer reads...
  6. lg_mouth

    lg_mouth It's Trigger Time!!!

    I can always trust the guys on OGF to set me straight with good information. I might try the 285s and see how they fit. I am not interested in doing any mods though. Once again, thanks for the info guys. You never dissapoint.

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  7. From other peoples exprience, I would say that with an A/T tire you will be fine without doing anything. If you are getting a mud tire, then that is when you may need to do the torsion bar/alignment and trim inside of wheel well. This again, depending on the truck.

    I'm pretty sure I'm going with Firestone Destination M/T's on my truck this go round. They are some sweet looking tires, and have read a ton of good reviews on them. When you are already spending $600 on tires, what's another hundred or so right... :rolleyes: Oh well, you can't take it when you die.

  8. Mine is a 2000 half ton Silverado 4WD Z71. I got the 265's as an option and thats what I replaced them with. Original equip. was the "dreaded" Firestone Wilderness ATX. I got 60k out of them and could of got more if they hadn't started to dry rot on the sidewalls. Good highway tire for me. Hard compound/high miles/less traction. Softer compound/less miles/better traction. I went with a traction tire this time and bought the Kelly Safari AWR. I don't think I'll get 40k on these but they perform surprisingly well off road with minimal road noise. They won't break your wallet either, think I paid about 70-80 bucks a piece for the "P" rated tire. Naturally the "LT" tires bump up the price nicely. Depends on what you're hauling.
  9. I also have an '01 Z71 and put 285 Buckshots on it when I bought it. They clear with no problems, but you won't fit anything bigger. I didn't have to adjust the torsion bars, but I did.
  10. Lewis


    Most automakers have the recomended tire size on a sticker inside the drivers door.
    Any good tire shop can make a recomendation on how much larger tire size you can go without affecting speedometer accuracy.