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Truck cap question...........

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Skarfer, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. I have a 2003 F-150 (maroon) SuperCrew that I'd like to find a fiberglass cap for. My question is this - are caps for this truck special fit ones???

    I know I had a 2001 Ranger edge and bought my old fiberglass cap for $75 and it came off an S-10.

    Also - without breaking the bank - does anyone know where I can find a nice used one for my truck - color doesn't matter, although I'd prefer maroon or black.

  2. There is a guy down the road from me that has a fiberglass cap for sale. It's dark blue. He was asking $150.00 I'll check it out and see what it fits.

  3. I would appreciate that!

    I really think with the SuperCrews though - it's going to take a special cap. I had a really tough time with my tonneau cover and had to order a special one when I did......the guy told me it was because these trucks not only does the bed taper in, but also the front and back lenghts are different too. It's odd, and I didn't really understand until he explained it to me.

    I'm still having trouble with the tonneau cover - the bows keep slipping out and then my cover flaps like all get out. The cover place I bought it from (out of Michigan) has worked with me several times and sent me these little black "clips" that snap into the bed rail on either side of the bow to keep it from moving.......but these don't really want to stay in place either - and I think it's ridiculous that I need 2 on each side of each bow - 24 total - to keep them in place!! Makes the time not so "quick" when I want to roll the cover up......which defeats the purpose of having a tonneau cover.

    Has anybody else had problems with these trucks or is it just me????
  4. SuperCrews have a different bed length than the other Ford (any brand) trucks.
  5. They are different, my buddy has a cap not sure if it's an ARE or Leer brand but they are available. Check R&S truck caps, there is one in Strasburg on 21 and on on south main in Akron by Firestone CC.
  6. The cap I was talking about is a ARE. It says it was off a 1995 F150 Its dark blue. The phone number is 216-337-0141
  7. The cap from the 1995 F-150 deff won't fit on the Supercrew. The cap for the Supercrew is a custom fit from ARE...I know, I helped design it. The best bet is to check out R&S in Strasburg...they may have a used one sitting in their inventory.